RARE 10ft NOW SOLD ! just been informed it sold two weeks ago .


Not often a table of this quality comes along.  A 10ft 8 leg Burroughs & Watts badged table.  The pocket plates are the bolted type so it will confirm it is the same designed pocket plate as a Burroughs and Watts.  The Badge however is a re-rubber badge informing of a re-rubber with the names Arrowflite cushion rubber.
john B&watts 10ft end shot
End photo of the table which comes with shade and scoreboard and a few accessories.
john B& watts all veiw 8 leg 10ft
john B&watts pocket bolt under
The pocket from underneath.  It has the better bolted pocket plate as used by Burroughes and Watts.  A gem of a find, a genuine 8 legged 10ft table in what looks pristine condition from the photo’s.  This is the next best thing to a full sized table, built with 8 legs rather than the normal 6 legs, a foot larger than a 3/4 sized 9ft and 2 feet shorter than a full size.  So if you have a room that you thought was large enough for a full sized 12ft and now after measuring it is 20 ft by 15 ft, then this is the table to buy.

Very rare to find them nowadays.  And after taking into consideration the dismantle and move plus set up, we value the table at £995, price based on what two 9ft tables have just sold off the website at £650 and £750 and both of these tables where not in as good a condition as this 10 ft.

This is a private sale direct from our selling client.  All interested parties please contact Geoff at c.large@btinternet.com and he will pass all the details onto the seller to make contact with you.

If you require a professional dismantle transport and erection service, then look no further than Geoff at GCL Billiards.  We carry out this type of work on a weekly basis and have nearly 40 years personal experience.  We are also recommended by the NBSA to carry the work out to a high standard.

Please note that the buy it now price is as it stands on site.  If you require  a quote for removal and set up please send Geoff your post code and inform if any stairs or steps or rough ground like gravel or grass is involved in getting the slates inside the room.
rex 8 van outside property
The table is located near Monmouth.  I am informed it requires nothing as it has just been a room filler since it was installed.
john 9ft Burrougths and watts
Good condition cloth will only require restretch and baulk erasing with acetone ready for new marking out.  Also good nets leathers and rails.
john b&watts 9ft badge arrowflite
Close up of re-rubber arrowflite badge, as swift as an arrow which was Burroughes and Watts motto for the new cushion rubber.  I would say it has now been fitted with a good quality modern rubber of Northern Rubber standard.  The badge was left on as a display only product.

This table will not be around long as 10 fts are pretty rare to find and an 8 leg one even rarer to find.  The price is very fair as it has been explained any new owner would have to pay for removal and set up by a qualified Billiards Fitter.  12 fts are easy to find at very low prices but try finding a vintage 8 leg 10 ft in as good a condition as this for under £1,000 from a dealer, in fact under £2000.