NOW SOLD via GCL Billiards Advert ,Immaculate light oak full size Snooker table Riley Viceroy . —– NOW SOLD !

Another table SOLD through a Private Advert placed on GCL Billiards web site , this really is the way to sell your table direct to people who are looking for them .
Private seller to Private buyer , No middleman fees , No Vat and direct contact with GCL Billiards to get the table moved to the new Location without hassle .

The hard to find riley Viceroy Version with deep archways , NOW SOLD
igor half of side tbale
The wood work looks immaculate and the only thing I would say it requires is a Recover , and maybe if you are not into them , the Genuine Antique brass billiard ball catcher/dispenser  replaced with rail system .
igor oak riley viceroy end shot
This table would grace any home and being oak will go with more modern type decor rather than the dark mahogany that 90% of tables come in .
the legs being square also helps it to blend in with the contemporary look that most people are going for these days .
If  I  had a house large enough for a full sized table this would be the type of table I would go for , they also look great in oak beamed barn conversions.
I have a client local to me who may be interested in this table and have given him the first opportunity to get in touch to thrash out a price with the owner
Remember you are buying direct from the owner with no commision or middleman fee’s added to it and NO 20% VAT so you beat the tax man too .
Just look at this splendid Solid Oak table from this close up  shot of the cushion cappings  it is immaculate woodwork wise .

A display piece rather than one that has seen a lot of use
igor oak aristocrat leg closeup
complete with matching scoreboard and cue rack with 6 cues and a full compliment of rests
WE DO NOT have a price for this table as yet and are still in discussions with the owner to what to ask for it , but we both agree it needs to get out there up for sale and in the shop window to see what is offered , we feel it is not the usual faded and marked woodwork table that we normally get in our for sale section although some advertised do come close to this Refurbed condition and therefore feel it is is worth a bit more than the usual tables that come up for sale that have had a lot of use , you may notice that there are not hooks on the end cushion , this will stop the frame being marked by banging the brass head against the polished oak woodwork  and as a Billiard fitter who has seen the damage this can cause I also prefer no hooks at all on a refurbished table .

igor oak viceroy scoreboard and rack


If you are interested in this immaculate table then please get in touch with Geoff at
He will forward any interested people’s email onto the selling client , and if a sale is agreed with the seller , then please feel free to ask Geoff for a quote to dismantle and transport to the new owners property , all we ask for is a Delivery post code and if any steps or stairs or rough ground like gravel or turf is an obstacle  to our piano trolley to move the heavy slates.

re 6 on van slates

a Full size table being loaded and wrapped onto our Van ready for transport to new address.


***Stop press , We have a buying Client who asked GCL billiards to look out for a nice Oak square leg , viewing the table on monday the 17th

**** On Tuesday the 18th of March just been informed that the table has now been sold to a GCL billiards client looking for a table .
the  buying client and seller has agreed a mutual price for it , and collection is now being organised by GCL billiards to New Owner in April  .

This table was never going to be Hanging around long .