Water damage 8ft Snooker Table work in Leeds for insurance Firm , plus retro fitting adjustable brackets

Today I made the second visit to finish the work I had started a few weeks back .
Our client had a water pipe burst and the entire house on all three floors where affected.

a few weeks ago we visited the clients House to dismantle and store on site a 8ft snooker table , we also recovered the cushions on take down to make our return visit go much quicker.
I got the approval from the Insurance Company after sending the quote to proceed with the work .
The carpet fitters had fitted a new carpet and today we where to assemble and fit the new cloth .
leeds empty room
The empty room
leeds dowl muntin
One major improvement that we recommended was to fit adjustable brackets for the under supports to make sure they supported the slate
we left out the central dowel supports and cut the dowels off them to re-use as floating supports .
We then fitted 4 adjustable muntin brackets over the top of the dowel holes in the inner frame wood work  , so we could adjust the slate support upwards in the centre of the table .
This added work will improve the table and make any slate sagging very easy to adjust back out . All tables should be retro fitted with these type of brackets , for a low outlay it guards against slate saging and makes for easy rectification if it should occur , by simple 1/4 turn of each bolt the slate is eased back upwards until accurate Level again.
leeds adjust brackets
leeds adjust brackets under
leeds frame adjust brackets

the client paid for the brackets work as an extra which will make sure the slate bed will not sag down in the centre .

as can be seen the two centre bearers are now fitted before the 3 section slate is put back on the frame .
leeds finished table

The finished table with New Strachan 6811 Tournament cloth fitted and the improvement of adjustable slate bearers.

Our client was a bit concerned that we would not travel to leeds to do the work , But I did explain that GCL Billiards are located at junction 25 of the M1 and only 75 minutes away .
apart from a little added cost for fuel it was no different to doing one 30 minutes away.
but we also travel much further , GCL billiards have done work from Cornwall to Scotland and in mainland Europe.

we are Insurance company approved having carried out work on Cue sports tables for a few insurance companies to full satisfaction of client and insurance company  , and carry the NBSA approval also.

so if your table has had  a mishap and you have to claim on your house Insurance for work on your Cue Sports Table  please ask for GCL billiards to quote direct to your insurance company .

we supply full letterhead quotes and invoice’s .