RAF Digby …move full size snooker table from one room to another .

Today I have been over to RAF Digby in Lincolnshire
the work today was to dismantle and relocate to an adjoining room one full size snooker table .
The RAF to supply two extra men to help slide the slates on and off .
the frame having been dismantled and moved to it’s new area going through the rough leveling
this table was moved upstairs about 3 years ago by another firm who had made a right bodge job of it , the inner fame work was fouling the slates
and this resulted in the slate rocking on the center frame cross members
I slid the centre legs down and inserted a bit of packing to higher the side edges to take the fouling problem away
and now the slates rest on the side frames without interference from the inner frame cross members .
a simple fix that an experienced fitter would have worked out just on the frame set up .
all sorts of wood packing came out of the frame when the slates where slid off in an attempt to make the table level they had bodged it .
the slates back on the frame and the fine level finished , the slate joints are then given two coats of car body filler and sanded flush .
the cloth laid back on ready for tacking and stretching , this cloth is a none branded low quality cloth that the previous firm had fitted , today it was just a table move with no re-cover so it had to go back on .
the table in it’s new room level and ready for play