Full size Riley Aristocrat Tournament Snooker table set up and re-cover in Chilwell, Nottingham

This week I have been working local in chilwell Nottingham
my work involved setting up and re-cover of one Riley Tournament quality  match table Aristocrat
my client having bought this table from an advert on our web site .
The new cost of one of these tables from Riley today is whopping £14499.00p !

see here http://www.riley-snooker-international.com/site/view-table.php?category=1&table=4&section=overiew

my client paid considerably less for this table which apart from a few belt buckle scratches is in mint condition and as new and may i say a much better table than  a Star Chinese manufactured one .
the table has been leveled and is having it’s cushions re-covered in strachan 6811 tournament cloth
the slates have been filled and is setting hard ready for sanding in as one bed .

the slates have been lightly sanded and the table bed cloth is the next job on the list
the Strahcan Tournament 6811 30 oz grade ready to fit .
Bed cloth now fitted , Baulk line and D marked out and spotted then ironed , cushions are now the next job to fit .
all steel cushions are now on and ready to be aligned from the middle pockets outwards
These cushions are the type as used in all World Championships from the 1980’s onward’s .
The pocket openings  had been factory cut and measure 3.3/8ths at the fall , a very tight championship pocket as used by professionals .
once the steels have been set to correct pocket openings then the Wood frieze or capping as I call them can be fitted with the pocket plates nets and leathers
the corner pocket with capping fitted ready for play .
the table is now finished .
a set up of the balls and my client is ready for his first game , his son is turning up in 10 minutes time
this end cushions has a few scratches from belt buckle rash from previous owner , this will happen to a brand new table too , my client saved over £10.000 buying second hand but as you can see this table looks almost new .
you may notice that this room is a factory unit , the table is actually above my clients Work unit and will be his entertainment games room for the firms employees and Entertaining visiting clients .
plus his personal Man cave and family entertainment area,  as he lives just down the road .
along with this table there will be proper full size arcade Video game machines , a table tennis table , and a  brand new Supreme Prince 7×4 pool table that GCL billiards supplied and installed  .
The new Supreme prince 7×4 pool table along side it’s bigger brother the Riley Aristocrat Full size Snooker table .
I am on the look out for a Bar billiards table for my client too , this has to be one of the best equipped Games room / Man caves around it also has gym equipment and  it is double the size you are seeing as it is really two rooms in the roof space of this double factory unit .
the unit is fully Gas central heated and was very warm and thick insulated new roof also replacing old very thin insulated roof .
My client is plastering the far walls and putting a few barrier walls in the lower sections to separate the room a bit , a few pictures of sports themes are to go up yet and it will be a home from home .