Pool table Rentals / Hire in Nottingham and Derby Area , then try GCL billiards for latest model of supreme Winner Pool table .



There Is a shortage of Supreme pool tables coming out of the factory due to demand at anmytime of the year .
we have managed to secure two for our rental stock and these will be available for rental / hire on a 12 month basis from December
They Will be in stock from november 25th ready to rent
these will be added to our portfolio of pool table rental sites
winners stabbo new type metal corner chrome plate
All our pool tables come in Black pearl cabinet finish and Green cloth as standard
They are the latest Green badge supreme Winner 7×4 coin operated tables .
brand new winner supremes
This was a local pub in Stapleford in Nottinghamshire  that had two pool tables on a rental contract from GCL Billiards
Melton Cricket cloth off slate
On a rental contract your table re-covers are all in with the price of  the rental agreement
two re-covers per year one every 6 months at £18.50p per week over 52 weeks, and this works out at £80 per month
a set of replacement match balls every year and 4 cues plus box of 12 chalk and spare tips .
we also give two sets of balls out on first install one set for normal play the other set for match play .
who offers this much back up on pool tables ?
cueball pool room busy
We used to offer two different types of rental contracts but because of ease of working out contracts and invoicing we now only offer the set 12 month two recover contract .
it all depends on how busy your pub or club is to how long a cloth will last , but with our now standard 2 re-covers a year we are sure the cloths will last .
we ask all our rental customers to look at cloth wear as we do Car tyres , the more we use it gets the quicker it will require replacing
there is no set time scale to a table cloth lasting , it is all down to traffic of players using the table
we get some clubs have tables recovered every 6 months and others will last a year , but because of ease of servicing we now only offer our 2 re-covers per year at  every 6 months
all our table sites are now going over to this type of contract and it makes it easy to invoice as every site pays the £80 per month set fee ., and NO vat will be added .