Your no 1 choice for pool table recovers is GCL billiards in Nottingham Derby and Lincoln Leicester plus Northampton

We cover a wide area for pool table recovering in the Midlands
We are well known for being very thorough and not just recovering and out the door quick .
We take our time and clean the internals of the table , also taking out every staple in the cushions
We do not staple over staples , or use low cost quick to use spray on Glue
We find using the comb spreader is the best way to glue contact adhesive to the slate and the under part of the cloth , it bonds very well and will not come loose.
Towers white pearl winner finished
Our feedback from this table was very good in fact we do not get bad feedback as we like to do all our work right in front of the client so they can see what a thorough job we do cutting NO corners .
Towers ball rails process of being cleaned
we clean out the table and also wipe down the ball rails and internal slope
Towers re-covering of slate beds
we have our own method of glueing cloth to slate bed which we know is the best way  ,
none of our glue is anywhere near the playing surface so the ball will not roll off on glue applied on top of the slate
coop north every staple out
when we strip the cushions of old cloth we take every staple out
coop north match dust crap on rails 6

we would never leave your table with muck on the ball rails for balls to stick to , and that muck also gets transferred by the ball to your new cloth
leaving a table like this is bad news for the owner , speed fitters who charge slightly less and try and pull more work into a day by doing very little to each table do this .
coop north glue spray on by supreme on slate
a typical problem we find on spray on glue cloths is overspray onto slate , a slow ball towards this middle pocket will suddenly stop or change direction
rip before showing very slack cloth rucking
we get our cloth on tight , unlike this freshly recovered bed cloth that was put on by another firm
leicester pool recover Baulk level 0.0
we also level to a high degree of accuracy , but sometimes we do come across bowed or twisted slate beds or body of table ,
we do try and sort this out for you and have a good track record of improving the leveling of the table .
Newark pool table x 6 area
From large clubs
to family owned tables
Sam K steel
We even do American pool tables
kelso bed cloth fitted (2)
and full size snooker tables
if you want your table recovering in good quality cloth by a time served billiards fitter then contact Geoff at GCL billiards
We have many recommendations of approval