Alternative Iron to use on Pool tables …LOW COST at just £29.99p from Decathlon Stores ( please note *** GCL billiards do not stock this iron )

Now and Again I Like to give out cost saving idea’s for cue sports enthusiasts who have their own pool tables
It is not all about making money from every idea that come’s my way , passing on some cost saving items goes a long way in establishing my good intent and shows we are a caring Firm towards our clients.
I am not too bothered about stocking items to sell , I would rather just concentrate what I do best and that’s maintaining snooker and Pool tables
here is one little Gem that came my way from another person who told me about them and the news is quickly spreading around the cue sports forums about this little iron .
so it is not really a secret anymore .
Ski Iron
This smaller lightweight iron is used to melt wax onto Ski’s and snow boards , but some people have been using them with good results on smaller snooker and pool tables
they are thermostat controlled but would recommend that you wipe them onto the ball racking cloth before you attempt to iron your table , just as a precaution of scorching or dirt wiping off the face plate
I always do this with my full size Dowsing billiard iron too .
ski iron plate
the face plate is around 6×4 inch , it is a bit smaller than a proper Billiard iron and I would only recommend it’s use on small tables such as 7×4 Supreme winner pool tables
these irons are available at Decathlon outlet stores around the UK , I think they may now have a rush on them , so phone a pre order up for collection to make sure they have them in stock .
they are the lowest priced ones I can find with an oblong plate and thermostat heat control .
if you run a club at just £29.99p they are a useful back up if your dowsing billiards blows its thermostat
there are many private owned pool tables at home that do not get ironed because the owner cannot afford the £200 price tag of a genuine Dowsing billiard iron .

Remember this iron is not for sale from me , but from Decathlon stores around the UK , my nearest one to Nottingham and Derby is just off junction 26 close to Ikea at Eastwood .