Pool Table rental re-cover time by GCL billiards

We are well known at GCL Billiards for our excellent to detail and craftsmanship of maintaining snooker and pool tables around the UK and beyond , what some do not know is that we also rent pool tables to the pub and club premises of Derby and Nottingham area’s.
We have around 20 pool tables located local around our base in Nottingham / Derby that we rent out which include full maintenance and re-covering of cloth on a regular basis .
we are aiming for around 40 tables local to use , we cannot manage anymore than this with our regular Snooker and pool table re-cover business running very busy at the moment , we try to blend the work of both venture’s together , this way we remain fully booked out most of the year , we just time our pool table rental re-covers to slot in on slack days or if busy on a Saturday .
you can have the option of one or two re-covers per year at £65 per month or £80 per month which works out at £15 per week or £18.50p per week over 52 weeks  . We do not charge Vat .
we only rent to good reliable properties mainly pubs and bars but also super market canteens and Hotels that sign up to an initial 12 month rental and in the case of two recovers then every 6 months after that .
This week we have had 5 of our tables come up for re-covering .
3 in Coventry that get re-covered every 6 months and the other two very local in Derby and Chilwell .
Arches slates to one side before
the three tables in Coventry being treated to a top class Strachan 6811 Re-cover .
chequers pool strip down
the pool table that is located in a local pub in chilwell also being treated to a Strachan 6811 cloth re-cover , this site also gets a re-cover every 6 months .
chequers 6811 stamp pool
we only use top quality cloth on all of our re-covering , branded Strachan cloths are the most popular and the most asked for is the 6811 grade .
players know this grade of cloth and it is the best selling cloth in thew world and is made from 100% pure new wool with a short medium length but fast pace of napped cloth at around 28oz. per Metre square.
we can also do the 30 oz tournament but we find this a little slower than the 28 oz .
chequers pool slate finished
almost finished , just got to mark out and iron and also clean the internal cabinet and rail runs plus ball eject system of all dust and grime .
sportsman bar derby pool strip down
another of our superb Supreme winner tables located in a sports bar in Derby , this room is in the basement for the pool team to have a quite area to play in
they have two pool teams playing out of this Bar in Derby and they are interested in having another table from us for the main bar area upstairs .
sportsmant bar super pro better photo
the sports bar in Derby always ask for Strachan super pro speed cloth
this is a napless cloth and woven from a mix of 70% wool and other man made fibers , it is very fast to play on
we do not get a lot of people ask us for speed cloth in fact in all of our 20 rental sites this is the only one .
But we aim to please so we get it in special just for this site.
sportsman pool finished coin side
the finished table in Strachan Super pro speed cloth , all cleaned out and leveled up as they do move it around when they have a function on
I also replaced a coin mech spring and supplied a new set of balls and cues plus chalk on this yearly re-cover .