Sorry NOW SOLD as of 14th august 2014 …took only 3 days to sell !
all from an advert on GCL billiards web site .


I knew this table would not be up for sale long at the price it was advertised
This table is now sold to a client in Nottinghamshire .
Both selling client and buying client are delighted to have resolved a quick sale .


original advert


We have an opportunity for one lucky person to acquire a Bargain .
This Riley Aristocrat is UK made and is currently the best table made for the UK and World Market and retails new at £12595 but they currently have them on sale at  £9.500 plus delivery and fitting
please see this link to new prices for these tables .
this table is in very good condition and is offered at £2995 plus dismantle and delivery and set up .
so a third of the price of a new table and by the looks of it , it is not far off new condition .

much better than the woodwork and slate of a Chinese made Star table
this UK made table has the professional Steel cushions which give a good responsive accurate bounce that professionals crave for
My client is only selling due to the room required for daughter play room / nursery , and is a very reluctant sale .
aristocrat full table clear of balls
The table is located on ground floor with easy access to parked van so no problems of stairs or steps to get up or down .
Aristocrat all accesories on table
the Aristocrat table comes complete with Iron & Brush , table cover , 3 sets of balls excellent top of the range Aramith tournament and includes a ball case too ,
all rests and cues .
Aristocrat accesories on table 2
as you can a see more than a full range of accessories
Aristocrat above photo
the cloth also looks to be in very good condition
Aristocrat leg
unmistakable Aristocrat design of turned fluted leg
Aristocrat ball in corner fall
the ball placed in the corner above the fall to gauge the opening , I would say these are around 3.5 inch at the fall .
you may note that there is only feint  ball tracking into the corners a sure sign that the table has not had much use and the cloth is still in very good condition so it will not require a re-cover .
but if you did a re-cover is around £400 to £670 depending on grade of cloth used
Aristocrat ball in middle fall
the middle opening and slate fall .
Aristocrat lighting
to be honest not my favorite lighting but it is included in with the sale price of this table .
Aristocrat end plate 2
MADE IN ENGLAND , not many can say that about Snooker tables these days most are produced from china .
Aristocrat under slate heaters
the table is fully equipped with under slate heating so that speed of ball across the bed and cushion rubber is kept to a premium in quality .
the table is located in North wales close to Colwyn bay area LL29 , I would advise an inspection and then you can see the quality of this superb UK manufactured table
As many people know snooker tables do not fetch a lot of money and I have seen tables given away or go for very little money , most around the £250 to £500 price range , WITH ONE EXCEPTION
and that is the Riley Aristocrat in as new conditions normally go for around £5000 , having been bought for just under £13000 new .
I have advised my client for a quick sale to offer it at £2995 , it would be an insult to offer any less .
this table would make an excellent match table for a club , or for the private Home , safe in the knowledge that you have bought a Quality product for little money
forget about Star tables being on TV and quoted as the best , it is well known around the fitting firms that the Riley Aristocrat is the best table manufactured in today’s world .
Do not miss this one , I doubt you would be able to pick one up int he same condition at such a low price .
Aristocrat score board
If anyone is interested in buying this table then contact Geoff by email
I will forward your details onto the owner and put you in touch with him .
If you require a quote for dismantle of this table and carefully wrapping loading and installing in your home then also contact Geoff at GCL Billiards
we are very reasonable on our price to relocate this table .