Pool table new cloth re-covered in Leicester by GCL billiards

just been over to Leicester this morning to re-cover a torn pool table in a large insurance firm  call center .
the table was bought new only a few months ago , so it was a surprise to find that the cushions where actually second hand having been swooped over
between leaving supreme and the firm that supplied the table
why they do this I do not know as I will inform any client if I find something that should not be there like these old cushions
hastings direct left staples in
As you can see I was stripping a table that was supposed to be brand new and had burgundy cloth on
the staples underneath had been left in from a previous re-cover and that cloth was green as you can see remnants trapped under the old staples
I of course also stripped these staples out of the cushions
hastings cushions off to strip
cushions stripped of all staples leaning against the wall next to the chair and now to strip and fit the new bed cloth
hastings direct slate cloth off
cloth off , this slate has not been re-covered before so it was obvious that someone had took new cushions off a new table to sell
and had replaced them with secondhand ones and just covered them to match the new bed cloth
hastings direct cloth glued
the new bed cloth and the slate has had the external edges glued ready for attaching the cloth to the slate bed .
Hastings direct finished from badge end
the finished table complete with ball racking cloth to one end .
hastings direct date of slate
the slate carried the date it left the quarry works 24th June 2015 , this table was supplied brand new 4 months ago , it was only recovered because of this
hastings direct L tear
lets see how long it takes them to tear it again