Re-cover of three GCL billiards Rental tables in Coventry , play snooker or pool or listen to Live Bands at the Arches Venue

I have been over to the Arches snooker Venue in Coventry where we have three of our own stock rental pool tables that we re-cover every 6 months
The management used to have their own tables in the pool table area but decided to sell these and rent and to have all maintenance included in that rental , and for tax reasons this works out much better for them .
GCL billiards installed three brand new 7ft coin op Supreme Winner in Black ash two years ago , and we have been re-covering them every 6 months since .
I also bought an extra three brand new sets of cushions to cut down on re-cover time just for this venue when re-covering the tables  . we just exchange the cushions over and strip down when back in the workshop re-cover then box back up for next time in 6 months m this saves us a round 3 hours on site .
this is the only tables where we swap over cushions , on single table rentals we re-cover on site totally , we do not recommend that you exchange cushions on any tables unless you have specific new sets only being used for that tables as is the case with these three tables .
we often strip down other fitters work on clients own tables where they have swapped over the original cushions for very old falling apart and rubber going hard cushions which is not good for the owner or client if renting .
Arches slates to one side before
the three tables with slate to one side ready to strip the old cloth off the slate beds
Arches slate to one SIDE UNCOVERED
the slate beds now with the old cloth removed and cleaned ready for new cloth to be attached
arches cloth strachan 6811 stamp
we use the Strachan 6811 pool cloth for these pool tables , this cloth is 28 oz and faster than tournament yet is still 100% pure new wool the same as tournament cloth .
arches all slates recovered and marked out
all the bed cloths have now been fitted and baulk line marked out in white tippex , at the arches they use the D too so we have added these to the baulk line .
you may notice that this room has Black walls and ceiling , this is because this room is also dual function use .
They have Rock bands and tribute bands perform at weekends and on some odd week nights too
in fact tonight there is a band on and the tables where being moved to one side and covered over and sectioned off to protect them while the bands perform
arches stage
the large stage at one end of the room , at the other end we have a DJ desk and mixer sound control box
as soon as the band is finished the room cleaned those tables are back in use in double quick time around 10  minutes  a table to have back in position with lights above and level .
they have perfected this to a fine art , so if you are ever in Coventry and at a loose end , head off to the Arches Industrial Estate at Spon End , you cannot miss it , turn where the Nissan Garage is
you will find a yard to the right under the railway arches , at the far end is the Arches Venue for snooker Pool and Live Bands .
with bands such as Four fighters a tribute band for the Foo fighters and also Kirvana , Fred Zepplin , The Fab Beatles , Bon Giovi , and many more booked in this year .