Nottingham club have Snooker table Bed cloth re-stretched and pool table re-covered.

Another repeat work order from a local nottingham club . we booked this date in on my last visit 6 months ago , and have made arrangements to also call again to re-stretch one of the other full size tables they have in the billiard room , they three full size and a 7×4 pool table .
WBCC before stretch
The Table before the re-stretch of Bed cloth
WBCC cushion cloth cutt off overlap
When I stripped the table down for the re-stretch , I noted that the last fitter had left too much cloth on the underside of the cushions , this would have packed the cushions out by the thickness of the cloth and also affected full bounce , so I trimmed this off as in the photo , the fitter who did this re-cover should have trimmed it off , but I guess he was in too much of a hurry and a few seconds here and there meant he was out the door and on his way , something that GCL billiards would not do is speed fit.
WBCC stetch baulk line
When I had restretched the cloth the old baulk line has moved back around 1/2 an inch , i erased this back with Acetone so as to make it not so much noticeable
The new Baulk line is marked out at 31 inch from end of slate .
WBCC full size after stretch finished
The finished table , bed cloth restretched and marked out cushions refitted without the excess of cloth that the previous fspeed fitter had left , checked and adjusted for level and ready for play , we serviced the other two tables in the club tightening hooks and replacing missing rail nuts and marking out and Brushing and ironing .
We then moved onto the Pool table
WBCC pool tbale before
the pool table was an old Super league , we have had a run on these tables just recently , the cushions on this table had rubber falling off the block from people sitting on the table .
I re-glued all the loose rubber and taped the cushions to prevent this happening in the future .
WBCC pool brand 777
Mainly snooker played at this club , the pool table takes very little so they opted for the budget cloth , it is strill Strachan branded but is the thicker 777 quality.
WBCC finished pool tbale
Finished pool table , vacuumed out and cleaned ball rails , ready for use