Staffordshire club have two full size snooker tables re-covered.

This is a new client for us , a club in a very neat and tidy village setting near Burton on trent that have two snooker tables in separate rooms ,
one being a Riley which have had some top plates fitted at some point in it’s life ,the cushion wood at the end of these cushion is crumbling bad , hence why they had changed to top plates which are bolted to the cushion .
Most players do not like top plate tables as they have to cue over each finger of brass if a ball is close to the cushion at that point .
BOT stripped down table
Table one getting to work on the cushion re-covering , you can just see the 2nd table through the doorway located in another room
BOT cushions ends falling apart
It is hard to staple the cloth to fresh air !
BOT cloth transfer 6911T
Top quality strachan 6811 tournament gold 30 oz used on these tables
BOT bed cloth fitted
the cushions may be falling apart on this old riley , but the slates are perfect for joint and level , in the future this table will require a new set of cushions or a decent second hand set sourcing , it will then be a very good table once those top plates have gone .
BOT finished table
Finished table , note the lighting , the club has had this lighting now for a couple of years , it is very good and much better than any coffin shade.
BOT finished table 2
Another photo of the finished table , the cloth hides all the end rot of the cushions , and it turned out better than I thought it would , I could probably re-cover this table another 6 times , but sooner or later it will require new cushions.
Tomorrow I will re-cover the 2nd table a burroughes and watts steel block cushioned table with large tulip legs.

and here we have the photo’s of the Burroughes and Watts tulip leg steel block cushioned table at the club also having a re-cover in 6811 T cloth
B&Watts steel nr  Burton strip down
Table being striped down and cushione re-covered.

B&watts nr burton cloth brand side B&watts nr burton cloth tranfer brand

From above photo’s we like to show all our Clients that we use the Best Branded and best grade for their use , in this case West of England Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz grade cloth .
this is the best cloth to use for serious use in club’s , you can get lower quality like what was used before in a wool man made fibre mix , but the 6811 tournament is fully 100% PURE NEW WOOL
B7Watts nr burton finished tbale B&watts nr burton cover on peradon
Table finished and ready for play , cover also purchased to keep in good condition and to stop dust and colour fading , the new Peradon dust cover are lightweight and the best type to buy .
they do not fall apart like the old silver plastic one’s .
The club is highly delighted with the work that GCL billiards carried out