New Client for GCL Billiards. three full size snooker tables and one 8ft near Derby

We where given the go ahead to start the maintenance of three Full size snooker table’s near Derby last week .
Starting off with one Re-cover in 6811 tournament Strachan cloth , and two re-stretch bed cloths at a later date to be arranged .
the Establishment is a very old Institute , and the inside is like going back in time with it’s Victorian looks .
the table we where working on last week was a Riley in oak , it has had some very shoddy work carried out on it in the past and the cushions are split along the grain of the oak capping’s near the corner pocket plates , on closer inspection we found that large screws had been inserted from the end of the cushion to hold the pocket plate flat lug plate in position , this we think has split the capping surround even more .
We recommend some second hand cushion sourcing at a later date to rectify this problem , in the meantime just a re-cover was required with two replacement nets .

as you can see it was ready for a re-cover as the end cushion was starting to split it’s cloth covering.
institute table split cushion cloth worn

this the finished table ,as you can see it was rather dusty from the old chalk dust coming off the old cloth , this floats around and reflects the flash and shows up as spots on the photo as it reflects the flash of each dust particle.

institute table recover after dust on lens


This is an old Burroughs and Watts 8ft Billiards table , this institute was established around 1900 , it would have been a very busy club in it’s day from 1900 to around the 1960s
To find a smaller table like this still in it’s original placement from that time is like finding it in a time warp , you can see they have enough room for three full size but could not get another one in so decided to have a 8ft sized one .
Note all those old cue cases on the wall , this is how it used to be back in the day each member keeping his own cue at the venue in a tin plate cue case hung from a hook on the wall , I have known some very nice collectable cue’s found in cue case’s like these  from such club’s as this one , I have known all 4 walls be covered with such cue cases .

institute old 8ft table b&watts