Pool table Re-cover and Re-rubber for Local Championship Football club

This week we where contacted by Derby county Academy and training Ground Admin.
The job was a Re-cover of 7×4 Slimline Supreme Prince pool table in the players Canteen area .
on strip down we found that the Cushion rubber had gone rock hard which results in no bounce in the cushion.

here in the first photo, you can see that the top cushion is starting to crack and the rubber is very hard to the touch , 4 cushions where like this with the other two going the same way .
derby county pool table hard cushion rubber

Derby county pool table at Acadamy

We re-covered the main slate bed in Strachan pure new wool cloth , and took the cushions back to our workshop for new rubber to be fitted and shaped , the next day we had a re-cover of pool table in Mansfield then we returned to Derby county Academy to fit the new rubber cushions back onto the table .

derby county acamy table waiting for new cushions

I must say the set up at Derby County is very good , the academy training ground  has very good facilities , I did not let on that I had been a Nottingham forest fan for all my life as where my Sister and Brother’s , but they can at least let me off that as our Father was a Ardent Derby county fan , living on the Nottingham / Derby border you had to choose one team or the other,We chose Forest but my Dad always listened to Derby on the Radio , he was Blinded in a car crash when he was 26 and lived until he was nearly 83 , I do not watch live football any more but do follow all local teams including Mansfield and Nott’s County and Kimberly Town who I used to play for over 20 years ago.
I now watch Live Ice Hockey , and have been a season ticket holder at the Nottingham Panthers since the 1980’s .