Two Supreme Winner Pool Tables, install and re-cover Stapleford Nottingham

Today I have been over to a mate’s club local to me in Stapleford Nottingham , to install two Winner supreme Pool Tables .
I picked one of these tables up for them last night from Lincoln that they bought off Ebay , and what a cracker they got almost as new , but I had to change the cloth over to Green on both Tables  , the other one was in Red and was very dirty , but this table was only 2 years old and had the newer Die-cast Chrome corner pockets and the newer Black Pearl finish which replaced the Black Ash Finish  around 2 years ago.
the club is going to host some tournament’s now they have 4 Winner supreme Pool tables .
By taking out some seating area to make the pool area larger they still have plenty of cue room around all 4 tables , in fact quite a bit of room !
when stripping down the tables I found that one had excessive spray on glue residue , especially  around the pocket area , if this is left in place then a ball rolling towards the pocket can suddenly slow down on the cloth as it approaches this residue .
GCL Billiards do not use spray on glue when attaching their cloth to the slate , we use hand comb spread contact adhesive , this makes a good bond and the cloth cannot peal off , this happens very often with the spray on glue , cloth will start to come away from the slate normally around the pocket fall areas .
We use acetone or a solvent to take the old glue off the slate , you can see what a difference this makes to the slate , a good clean level slate will perform much better , and because top class tournaments are being played here , we had to get the tables spot on , but we always take this care and attention for any table we do .
If you want you’re table recovering correct get GCL billiards in , we take our time to make sure the work is done right and the customer is happy .
take a look at the following photo’s to see how we went about doing this work in sequence
cushions covered and fitted / removing old glue with acetone / Slate cleaned and lightly sanded to remove dust and fluff . / preparing for New cloth to be glued old cloth is used to protect upper surface as we glue /  New cloth fitted 6811 gold grade Strachan /  tables being levelled  / level is now spot on , slates are perfect now they have been cleaned before fitting of cloth .
winners x 4 stabbo recover two new cushions first winners stabbo removeing glue acetone winners stabbo slates cleaned and sanded to remove debri
winners stabbo new 6811 strachan going on contact glue

winners stabbo slates recovered in 6811 strachan winners stabbo tables level
winners stabbo as level as you get Great tables
the two tables that where both bought off ebay at very good prices , one came from London which the club owner collected, and the other from near Lincoln , the London table is less than 2 years old , it has a different finish to the other three black tables on site , that finish is called Black Pearl and will be the main match table  , this table also has the upgraded chrome corner plates which are metal , unlike the older models which have chrome plastic corner plates and Black wood-grain ash finish , it is easy to spot these newer tables look for raised lettering on the corner plate on the metal type and no wood-grain in the black finish and imprinted lettering of the plastic plates .
winners stabbo new type metal corner chrome plate winners stabbo older plastic chorm corner plate