Mr Cooper , Riley Snooker table for sale near Derby Offers please .

Inquiry reference , Mr Cooper Riley full size . 14/2/15

We have a client  ( Mr cooper ) who wishes to sell their full size snooker table

the Table is a Riley turned leg , circa around 1930/50 they made these design of  tables for a long time period right up to the 1960s
My Client is looking for £350 for the table , Buyer responsible to dismantle and take away  , If you wish GCL billiards will be pleased to quote to dismantle load and deliver plus unload and assemble plus any other work you may require
Just email Geoff at  or phone 07753466064 .
as you can see the table comes with a full set of rests balls and cover , plus a Brush and metal lighting shade
This leg design was very popular for E.J riley the Manufacturer and was produced from 1910 to 1960’s
The table will have a 5 section 2 inch thick WELSH slate bed which is far superior slate than most modern tables made from Italian / Brazilian or Chinese slate  , Welsh slate is the best in the world .
You would be buying a quality slate bed table which is far more better to play snooker on than  a more modern table with soft slate , welsh slate is more denser and slightly more heavier than Italian slate  .
as for Chinese slate this is even more softer , it is well known that the slate quarries in ~Wales and Ireland  have the best slate for Billiard tables in the world .
for comparison you can say the same for curling stones , the best are made from Ailsa Craig green Granite , a product of Scotland , so Welsh slate is best for Billiard tables .
Our client is looking to have the table sold within the next 4 weeks if possible , being located in a garage makes for a easy dismantle and load to take away so it may be possible for someone who knows how to take one apart to do this part of the job as a DIY task
But please be aware those slates weigh 1/5th of a ton each , and the van used to take away should have a payload weight of at least 1600 kg .
van igor loaded inside cargoRear view of van Igor
As you can see GCL billiards do have the man power and the tools to take a table apart and load it safely , our van also carries the table and all tools with up to three men all within the legal weight limits .