NEW SNOOKER Private Games room Members only club opening close to Derby / Uttoxeter / Burton -on Trent Area

A New Venture for Jon who is opening a slight twist to the normal Snooker club Scene
This Venture is going to be like a Games Room for Hire by membership.
the room being based in a rather large Barn loft area , and has been recently fully refurbished to a high standard
I think the format is going to be based on a limited members joining and paying a Membership fee with free table time or maybe smaller membership fee with table charge per hour bookable by going on line
But I am sure Jon who is opening the Snooker Games Room will let me have more information on the format as it is due to open 1st of April 2015 .
The two tables are already in place and I have a few Photos provided by Jon to let you see what the small club is all about .
I think this is a one off type of club as I have never heard of anyone setting up a Games room use before , it is targeted at all those people who wish they had a Games room at home but due to space could not have or  not being able to afford one or not get planning permission of one .
Details of the club can be got Direct from Jon on 07970 443549 , please leave a message if you do not get an answer straight away .
What I will say is this club offers very warm playing conditions with plenty of heating , so no cold rooms to play snooker in this establishment , plenty of Free Parking , also a professional games driving machine as used by professional F1 Drivers is also being installed but no loud speaker to annoy the snooker players , Head phones only  on this game which is in the far corner well away from the snooker playing part of the room .
There is also a small kitchen area and toilet and hand wash facility area .
First table being installed , position of the table being in the center of the room , there is plenty of cue room as the room is 16 ft wide at this point .
As you can see there are plenty of heating radiators and the floor is fully carpet tiled , all interior decorated as new and also new lighting , extra table lighting is now being organised and will be ready for the 1st of April 2015.
Sliding the slates onto the first table , there are 5 slates to each table weighing 1 metric ton
The bed cloth having been refitted and re-stretched back on , I center a line for the spots to be positioned .
Muntin Brackets jon sully
On one table I noticed that the center slate bearers ( Muntins) where located in a sliding rebate , so after I had a few words with Jon about adjustable slate brackets and the benefits of fitting them , He  had his friend make some adjustable brackets to move the sliding muntin beams up to support the slate and prevent possible slate sagging , I always recommend this if it is possible , these brackets where made on site just around the corner for the club in a workshop within 24 hours , a job very well done by the engineer who made them . without these brackets the center beam was 1/2 inch below the slate and doing nothing and in time the slates may well have started to sag down in the center of the table resulting in balls rolling inwards from both sides of the tables with no way of leveling this out without adjustable Brackets fitted
Lucky for us , the owner of the Barn has an extending beam fork lift , which we used to get the slates up to the First floor through what will eventually become a fire escape door .
these fork lifts are very good to get to above ground floors with ease , I have used them on various job’s that I have worked on and below are a couple of other job’s where we where fitting tables and the chance to use one was gladly taken up .
slate to basement by Jiboakfranceforklift

So if you fancy becoming a member who enjoys snooker or billiards in warm quite surroundings rather than the normal noisy club atmosphere then Give Jon a phone on 07970 443549 to enquire and get the full story of this one off limited numbers Members club .
Again I am not sure on the opening times of the club , but I did hear they where planning an all day booking time so maybe it is going to be open 24 hours a day .
I think you will be able go on line and book a time on the web site when it is up and running , this could be as simple as logging in on your smart phone to see what times are available on each table and book it .
The Games room is located close to church Broughton just a few minutes off the main A 50 Nottingham to Stoke road , plenty of parking in the main courtyard of this very large Farm on dry gravel not Mud !