Oak Thurston full size snooker table for sale in Dorset . Just £350 secures a very nice table

We have a client who lives in Poole , in the county of Dorset .

And the table is up for sale at just £350 for a quick sale , try finding another OAK table of this time period at such a Bargain Price !

Photo’s below of  their really nice aged faded oak table which had a renovation a few years ago by Riley who refurbished the cushion rubber .

The cloth and rubber condition has been described as good , but what is good for one person may not be for another so please be aware you may require a re-cover and a re-rubber , but from the look of the table it looks OK as it is  , so a viewing may be required to try it out before you purchase .
GCL billiards have not inspected the table , this is a Private sale and is sold direct from the owner to the buyer using only GCL billiards web site to offer it for sale in this FOR SALE section for private adverts .
the benefits of buying direct is that you do not pay Middle Man fees or profit . What do GCL billiards get out of the Deal ?
just £25 if we manage to find a buyer and that is for emails and the odd telephone call setting the deal up and introducing the buyer to the seller  , and this is payable by the seller , what we hope to get is the dismantle and delivery work of the table from the Buyer .
Oak thurston poole dorset
the table will come with a nice selection of accessories including two dust covers  if you wish to know more about the Thurston manufacturer please visit this link

Oak thurston pool ivory badge
The Ivory badge with reference to George V which dates the table manufacture date somewhere between 1910 to 1936
you may also note it has the chalk cups just underneath the cushion which holds the cue chalk and neatly folds away under the cushion during play
oak thurston poole leg
A nice shape to the turned leg all in solid light oak , this table will blend into most modern decors which have a light oak theme to the room.
the quality of the slate will be Welsh and around 1.5 to 2 inch thick
oak thurston poole old iron
an original period Thurston brand Iron is with the table sale
Oak thurston poole scorboard
the table has only a modern scoreboard to complete the sale , but I am sure an old oak scoreboard could be found either on eBay or GCL billiards have an old period  Riley one to sell to complete the originality of the tbale .
GCL Billiards will provide a quote to any buyer who wishes to have the table professionally Dismantled wrapped in Blankets and delivered and set up
Please Email Geoff at GCL billiards for a quote , please supply a post code and also if the table is to be assembled on a Ground floor or upstairs or basement location or if any steps or loose gravel or grass has to be got over and if you have good parking .

**** please take note we are away on Holiday and cannot be contacted between 22nd February and the 6th of March

all inquiries to Geoff at c.large@btinternet.com , Geoff will get back to you when he is back from holidays on the 6th of March ,  we are not available to contact before that date .