More pool tables in for Recovering Derby and Leicester and Nottingham .

The snooker work has died off a bit at the moment although I did do two this week .
It will come back though and we do have quote’s out for recover and removal transport and set up of full size and 8ft to 10ft tables, but for the time being it is pool table work that is keeping GCL Billiards very busy

Burgundy 777 stamp

we had a phone call asking for a special offer we where doing just before Christmas , so we extended this offer for them which was a free set of ball with a Recover .
It was a works Canteen in a busy supermarket in Derby , they where delighted with the table once recovered set on Free play and levelled and the Free Ball set.
The cloth we used was our standard Strachan 777 grade in Burgundy which is getting to be the next most used colour after Green .
Burgundy sainsbury table stripped
The 7×4 Super league table stripped down cushions off and bed cloth ready to be glued to the slate .
Burgundy sainsbury finished
The finished Table .