We are getting many pool table recovering job’s in from Leicester , Nottingham , Derby , and Lincoln

Unbelievable amount of separate Pool table job’s that we have taken on in January .
winners at stabbo cue club x 4

I have never had so many to Re-cover in such a short time , we are working weekends and some evenings to catch up .
it just shows that GCL Biliards has now become one of the firm’s to trust to have your pool table re-covered in the proper manner , with Glue that keeps the cloth stuck to the slate and the insides of the tables fully checked over including coin mech and level
we never use cheap spray on glue or rubbish cloth , our cloth is from Strachan the same manufacturer of Professional cue sports cloth as used on all the full size snooker tables on TV .
we can also obtain Hainsworth cloth if you prefer which are another well known top make .
pool 7ft jaques
Red , blue , green and burgundy are the most popular colour
pool 6ft before
some have no choice to be recovered as was the case with this torn cloth example .
winner at the gladstone
one of our rental tables
hunters Bar
We also cater for Large club’s with 9ft sam K steel american pool tables and the traditional Supreme pool table
If you would like someone who care’s about the way the table is recovered then get in touch with Geoff at GCL billiards , we are somehow always busy but try to never turn work away .
If you are interested in having a Pub pool table recovered and it is past it’s best , then why not think about hireing instead of buying ? , we Rent pool tables out to pub’s and club’s at a very good rate starting at £15 per week and £18.50p if you require a recover every 6 months for winter and summer league starts.
Most pool tables average £45 upwards per week in takings , if you hire you have no recover charges or maintenance costs , just the weekly rental charge.
brand new winner supremes
we are growing our Pool table hire business every month , we like to keep them local to us though so that we can meet our commitments of excellent back up should anything go wrong say with a torn cloth or jammed coin mech .
we use the excellent Supreme range of Pool tables which we find have good back up service for spares .
and they are the Players choice as used by professional Pool players and used on the UK pool tour , so your playing on the best tables on the market .
winner badge