Full size Snooker table recovering in Nottinghamshire .

Tuesdays work was to re-cover a full size snooker table in a basement games room in Trowel in Nottinghamshire close to  ilkeston in Derbyshire.
The table had been purchased by our client from stoke for just £350 and a firm from stoke had set the table up around 6 months ago.
they had been saving for a re-cover for the last six months and called GCL billiards in to complete the work.
Trowel FS recover
Trowel corner p;ocket opening
the pocket openings where 3.5/8ths at the fall before I took the table apart , but when they went back together the opening was 1/16th less due to the fact that I got the cushions on tightly fitted , if the cushions are not on tight they will not give the full rebound value of the rubber and the openings would be slightly larger as was the case on this table .
The table looked like an allied billiards table make.
I found that the heating that was under the table was too hot being a convector open element type which gave a very hot spot in the centre of the table the heaters being a free standing  shallow type so something could have fallen on them  , I have advised to replace with  tube heating of lower wattage or oil filled radiators , a gentle rising sealed in heat is much better for the slate and wood work than an open convector type , in fact I would say it was a time bomb waiting to happen , if anything had fell on top of these heaters being only around 12 to 14 inch high , as some other parts of the underside of the table was being used for storage then a fire would have started .
The owner has taken this on board and is looking to replace ASAP .
He is highly delighted with the work that GCL Billiards have carried out and advice given not only about heating but also new type lighting and type of Brush and iron required to keep in good order .
To complete our work on this table we adjusted for level and looked at the slate joints , the table has a set of very good Hand floated Italian slates which makes the £350 paid for the table a real Bargain .