Dennis Taylor night at Stapleford cue club Nottingham 10 out of 10 a great nights entertainment. Steve Davies Next ? watch this space

Well Dennis has not lost his popularity as a player and all round cue sports commentator and comedian .
A special night at the Stapleford cue club in Nottinghamshire thanks to Adam Jed And Steve Judd .
the club is not very large and the aim is to not overfill but to have a more personal hands on personal approach to entertaining the 75 to 100 people who attend these special nights put on by the management of Stapleford cue club near Nottingham and very close to junction 25 of the M1 so easy to get to.
here are a few photo’s of the night
Dennis taylorDennis taylo trick shot 1dennis taylor trick shot 2Dennis taylor trick shot 3Dennis signing  cueDennis Taylor with Geoff
Myself and Dennis on the night , before anyone says it , NO I don’t look like Steve McLaren !
we had a few Derby county supporters in and they where chanting to me that I looked like him , but Iv’e got more hair but only just !
I wonder where they got that idea from Jed ?