Sam K steel american pool table set up with recover in log cabin in Loughborough in Leicestershire.

Mondays work was to set up a Sam K steel american pool table .
loughborough church sam K steel
When we arrived the frame was already set up with slates on , but they had left out vital parts from under the slate  , we removed the slate then put all the small metal levelling pads on the bolts within the upper frame , we then put the 3 section slate back on and levelled the table , put the lock down bolts in and filled the slate joints in .
loughborough church level of table
we then stripped the cushions and started the re-cover in new Burgundy american speed cloth .
the table was a little tight in the cabin and they will have to play with some cut down cue’s for some cushion shots .
loughborough church K steel finished burgundy
as you can see it was daylight when we started this job , but it was late when we finished it and really dark outside , partly down to some parts missing when they put the table in removals storage and us having to find spare bolts and nuts for it . and us having to strip down to rebuild what was put up before we arrived. also it was very tight working around the table  , I am  6 foot 2 inch I found it really cramped at time’s , but it is not the tightest area I have put a table up , I once put a full size snooker table into a terraced house with 18 inch space down each side for cueing !