Full size snooker table recover at Bunny in Nottinghamshire…very interesting building

I have been over to Bunny in Nottingham today to recover a full size E J Riley snooker table
I last visited this table around 1981 so it has been a long time since my return .
Bunny Mens Institute formed in 1909  is a small house like building built in the 18th century and is right on the entrance to the main church yard along side the almshouses .
outside or inside this is a very interesting old building the History you can read here

My van parked outside this very old 18th century building which is on the main road A60 between Nottingham and Loughborough
I was told today it used to be a school of some sort , a very small school at that !
Very interesting Brick and stone work
the made in their thousands E J Riley turned leg club table .
with slide in panels where manufactured from around 1905 to 1960’s , this table was purchased in 1909 and is in very good order considering it’s age .
Who would like some character like these old Oak beams in their home
This is what makes this room so special .
the finished table with members ready to start play .
I did have a go at trying to level the table but I found that the slates had dished slightly
this can only be rectified by adjustable centre beams being fitted or the slate re-floating true.
I have suggested the fitting of adjustable centre beams which they are considering .
But I did even out the roll in from both sides of the table to just a couple of inches at it’s worst point /
A lot of people do not understand that you cannot level bowed or dished slates , you can only level true slates to a true level
if the slates are warped or dished there is no way a jacking up of frame  and toe pieces placed under the legs for normal leveling will get this table level .