Dismantle 9ft Billiard table and store in the Cotswolds

This week I have been over to the Cotswold’s to dismantle a 9ft billiard table .
my instructions was to dismantle and store on site for an up and coming party celebration in that room , and at a later date to reinstall and maybe renovate the table with new rubber cloth and ball runner nets and rails .
this is a john Stevens table circa 1910
it has had  a modern set of Italian slates fitted at some time in the past and has a sage green cloth .
with bag nets .
from this end you may see that the half moon shape in the cushion has the original gold transfer of Stevens .
it has had a polished woodwork renovation at some time and they masked that area off to retain the transfer makers name .
Not a bad table but it has had some modifications , and the holes in the cushions are a bit hit and miss in alignment  to the new 1980’s slates , also the pockets are very tight and the rubber looks past its best , the limited edition sage green cloth is a cloth produced to look like it is aged from new .