For sale Karnehm and Hillamn 10ft snooker table fully stripped and refurbished and choice of colour of polish . And cloth choice !

We have a trade seller who refurbishes tables in the North of the UK , totally re stripping them and you can have a choice of colour shade of the woodwork .
GCL Billiards have allowed this trader to use their web site to further their coverage of the sale for this table and maybe a few more full size tables will also be advertised such as BCE steel Block Westbury and Riley Aristocrat steel block tables and normal cushioned Riley Aristocrats .
If you are located closer to GCL billiards than the trader , then you may ask the seller for Geoff at GCL billiards to install the table for you .
these tables that this trader is renovating are for people who wish a more tailored bespoke service of a fully refurbished table rather than to  buy second hand and take the table as is .
So therefore the price of the table will reflect the time and materials gone into the refurbishment , it is not the lowest cost option to buy a table like this when second hand ones can be bought but 10fts are much harder to locate and these K&H tables are rated Highly because they used the best materials to build them  , you are really buying a new table when they are refurbished like this .

This 10ft Karnehm and Hillman table is made from top quality Brazilian Mahogany not Philippine mahogany lookalike wood , and also has hand floated slates ,and adjustable muntins to prevent slate sag is also being put into the build of this refurbishment
Take a look at the photo’s of this Buckingham tulip model legged table .
Chris legs strip kh 1

The legs being hand stripped

chris kh stripped end legs 2

End panel and legs stripped and put back together to show the clean wood before stain choice

Chris cushions stripped kh 3

All the cushions and buttons stripped and ready for stain

the table will look like this one below but will be Brand new totally re polished with new ball and accessories with brand new cloth choice of Hainsworth or Strachan  branding, and you have a choice of stain colour.
10ft K&H paul bristol 2
Also new Northern rubber
the cost of this table will be as a new table of this Quality should cost when leaving the Factory at £3000
Fitting and delivery to be priced accordingly .
please do not confuse the Quality of these UK made Karnehm and hillman tables with low cost brand new tables being sold on Ebay for around half the price ,
these Ebay sellers will trick you into thinking their tables are UK made out of Quality wood when in fact they are imported from China and India .
like this OAK Chinese table below , this was supplied by a UK firm and they told the buyer it was UK made , when in fact it is low quality wood made in either china or India.
GCL Billiards will always inform you of the type of table you are buying in our private sellers adverts , our reputation is always at risk if we give the wrong information out so you can be assured this K&H 10ft is the real thing a proper UK made table made from high quality wood .
caravan finished table
Above,  bad quality oak 10ft Chinese table at half the price of the K&Hillman. the Chinese table  looks good but plays awful .
Below The added benefit of adjustable muntin Brackets will ensure the slates remain flat and true
Adjustable muntins K&hillman 2
Adjustable muntins K&hillman
adjuster bracket
For contact details of this seller please contact Geoff at      and we will pass on your inquiry .
A choice of lighting at extra charge could also be arranged from standard twin tube High frequency lighting to the Brass reproduction electric gas lamp .
Chris lighting fancy brass

oak 9ft viceroy fitted new GCL lighting by dextra
cox & yeman lights