Advertising Costs for GCL billiards through sponsorship or Google or Yell , we aim to reduce our outgoings to save on increasing prices .

We feel some advertising performances are just paper down the toilet

Due to feedback from Customers we have decided to cut back our outlay of advertising through Yell from next year .
we find this the most expensive yet the least productive avenue of contact for GCL Billiards from our feedback when we questioned our customers of where they found us
Most say through Google direct to web site and a good percentage of returning customer , but also a large amount from referrals from our regular clients .
I have been monitoring our performance this last month and we have had just one enquiry through Yell .

we do not have money to burn on advertising that does not perform for us .
the one yell enquiry we got last month was at 12 o’clock one Sunday evening for a table to be booked to play on , WE ARE NOT A SNOOKER CLUB !
So we are taking steps to cut back our advertising with Yell to the one free local Nottingham listing , this will become effective from August 2016 when our current contract with Yell expires . until then we will still be advertising in Derby and Lincoln areas .
PLEASE search for us on Google you will find many references to us on there with direct contact to our web site without going through a third party advertising agencies web Business Listings  , we are one click nearer going through Google rather than through Yell
and if you are looking for a firm that works on maintaining Cue sports tables such as snooker and pool table re-covering , you will not have to troll through a cue maker or various snooker club listings all piled under one section to find us .
We like to offer sponsorship to the local leagues so we do support both Derbyshire Institutes league  and Nottinghamshire snooker leagues NBSA through advertising in booklets and donating the odd trophy .
by doing this we are also recommended to all the snooker clubs that are in those leagues .
we find this direct contact with our local clients much more rewarding than advertising on third party search engines .

I am not saying Yell does not perform for other advertisers , it just does not perform for us . we find our listings is lost in an area covering other types of businesses and not direct to what we do or what people are searching for when looking for re-covering or table moves . or being replaced as a top listing because they offer a silver gold listing payment for the higher system , just a way of getting people to pay more to be listed higher , we are established so we do not need to do this anymore and good feedback and recommendations are a better way of feeling we are the firm for you rather than sponsorship to Yell for 2nd or 1st placement .

we also find that saying how long a Firm  has been advertising is not always the best way to rate them , we for example have only been advertising with Yell for 4 years but someone who has been with them for 15 years because of the large logo stating this makes them look a much better organisation even though I have been personally fitting snooker and pool tables for 40 years .
So as from next year the best way to find us is through Google or direct if you know we exist by googling direct by name of GCL billiards , just type snooker recovers nottingham when you are looking , or your Home town plus recovers snooker  / pool ,
we do come up on google on the first or second page listings,  if not maybe the third page if we have not done work in your area recently or in the past .
If your area or town is mentioned on just one post in our web site we should come up on Google .
this is not down to paying smart people doing things to keep us there , it is based on the number of people who are searching for Snooker or pool table recovers and clicking on our web site when it comes up we do not pay to enhance our hits on our web site it is down to clients looking for us .
They have either heard of us through another person or have stumbled upon us because we have done work in their area and we have mentioned that on our reports on the web site .
Google is a powerful advertising tool and the best thing is it’s FREE .

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