Fitted customer’s own cloth on his Pool table with Jack Daniels Logo and Hainsworth Smart cloth

On my way back from Northamptonshire today , I called in to fit a cloth to a Home play pool diner table
I started this  5 weeks ago but the cloth supplier who supplied the cloth direct to my client sent the wrong sized cloth so I could only re-cover the cushions and not fit the too short bed cloth that they sent the first time round .
this bed cloth was custom made with a Jack Daniels logo imprinted into it .
it took 5 weeks to get them to send the correct sized cloth , this is one reason I do not like fitting certain brands of cloth with custom logo’s
My prefered make is Strachan superpro speed cloth with screen print logo and background pattern cloth , like what we fit at Butlins on their American 9ft nine ball pool tables .
This is the table that I completed today
jack daniels black cloth
The cloth was Hainsworth Smart cloth in Black , the printed design felt a little raised to me but the balls seem to roll ok on it .
my client wanted to replace the speed cloth to a more slower paced cloth and he is very happy with the result .
With superpro strachan speed cloth you can get a much more vibrant design like these Budweiser logos with background  water droplet pattern

Butlins hotshots artscape bud dec 2015