Re-cover of one of our GCL Billiards rental – hire pool tables under a two recovers per year contract . At Chequers Inn Chilwell, Beeston, Notts.

Today I have been over to Chilwell in Nottingham to one of our pool table rental sites
The Chequers at Chilwell High Road have one of our brand new Supreme winner 7×4 pool tables in for 6 months and is now on a two re-cover per year contract.
chequers inn photo
The manager ( Daz ) used to have us supply two tables in his old pub in Stapleford so when he took over the Chequers Inn at Chilwell he of course asked for us to supply him a brand new Supreme winner pool table
Chequers pool march 2016 finished full shot room

The pool room at the Chequers Inn is used for the many finals for the Beeston and west notts area pool league .
They regard this table as one of the best in the league and many ask for finals to be played on it .
Darren or Daz as I know him does keep this table in very good playing condition with regular brushing and Ironing .
this is one of the main reasons they like this table for finals , and also the professional re-covering of GCL billiards in quality Strachan cloth .
chequers pool table glued slate and cloth
Like all my pool tbale recovers this pool table gets the full works of cleaned off slate bed before glueing up
full vacuum out of cabinet and rails plus washing down all ball runs and side tray .
Chequers pool cushions every staple out
every staple is taken out of the cushions , most pool tables I have worked on have just had the cushions re-covered over old staples or even swapped over for old cushions by speed fitters ,
at GCL billiards we do the job correct and take our time to get it playing correct .
you will not find us swapping over new cushions that have only been on this table with old cushions that could be upto 12 years old . or leaving old staples in and just covering over to save time.
by re-covering the original set and refitting the players will appreciate that the good bounce is still retained , this is what they are used to
many tables having swapped over cushions , have problems with cushion bounce and pool teams complaining , this will not happen if GCL billiards re-cover your table .
chequers pool march 2016 finished good
The finished table , re-covered in best West of England Strachan 6811 30 oz Tournament cloth .
checked and adjusted for level ready for a final being played on it tonight .
it takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to re-cover  a pool table properly , speed fitters do it in half the time by cutting corners .
if you own your own table and require Quality recovering work then contact Geoff at GCL billiards .
Or you may be interested in Renting a pool table on contract hire , these can be on an initial 12 month contract then renewable every 6 months if you take out the 2 re-covers per year option .
We only rent pool tables local to Nottingham and Derby , but we do have a few just outside our area .
We find we can offer  a better service if we keep local , and we are very confident  you will not find any Pool table rental operator offering such quality workmanship and values as GCL billiards does.
Towers ball rails process of being cleaned
we clean the ball runs of all dust and grime , note on this table ( Not Chequers Inn table ) there is a stapled strip of cloth under the slate on top of the wood edge , this is how I adjust the slate if bowed .
digital level 0.1 £20
and we level the table to a high degree of accuracy .
most pool tables level very well by just turning the leg feet to adjust the height
but some can require packing between slate and carcase if they have been sat on , we try to minimize this to very few points , if you pack too much under the slate you will distort the top frame and the cushions will rattle .
coopers pool area beer mat packing x3
we do not like to see packing like this under the slate it is not good for any table
Sitting on a table can cause damage to the carcase so please avoid sitting on the pool tables .