Getting very busy again , some of the work so far snooker recovers and pool table recover in Northamptonshire

We have been over to a large snooker club in Wellingborough in Northamptonshire
our work load for this particular club is three full size snooker table recovers and 5 Supreme pool table recovers all in Strachan 6811 tournament Cloth 30 oz .
coopers well loose cloth centre fall balloon
my first photo shows a very loose cloth that had been stapled on by the previous firm , note the balloon of loose cloth on this centre slate fall
coopers well torn sewn cloth by management
Loose cloth is a high risk for torn cloths by the cloth rucking up in front of the cue stab movement when following through on a shot
This cloth and other tables int his Establishment has seen a few of these Sewn up L shape torn cloths sewn up by the manager to keep them in play until I arrived to Re-cover them .
this is what you get when you go for low prices on Billiard fitters , low quality cloth and Cowboy fitting .
coopers well stapled on bed cloths
This cowboy stapled on the bed cloth loose , he just laid it on loose!
My price structure for fitting better cloth and fitting it correct was not much more so is it really cost effective to have these cost cutting fitters in ?
coopers well stapled on rubber by cowboy fitter
On one of the tables the Lazy fitter even stapled on the rubber that was coming unstuck no re-glue for him he was in a hurry .
coopers well rubber hanging off and glued
I took the rubber completely off the block and re-glued it with contact adhesive , then set it back onto the block .
This cushions will now bounce to it’s full capacity . You get what you pay for with a  cowboy speed fitter he staples the rubber on and covers over quick so you cannot see what he has done !
Coopers well re-covered finished left table
this first table no 7 was in a very bad state from the cowboy fitters work it now looks and plays 100% better from it’s re-cover in Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth .
This is a big step forward for the club to retain the Custom , and have the tables fitted by a time served billiards fitter who cares about his reputation and also quality tournament Strachan cloth .
coopers well both tables finished
Tables 7 & 12 completed , I did table 12 two years ago and I stripped this down in double quick time it took twice as long to strip table 7 down from the cowboy fitters stapled on cloth .
and hanging off rubber , I also fitted two nets and two cushion retaining slips replaced .
Coopers well third table completed
and table 10 makes the third table completed in this room , this table also was in a sorry state from bad workmanship
it now plays 100% better .
Coopers well two pool tables re-covered oak
I then moved up to the Pool table area .
this room is for Northampton county team members as well as Members  , it has 10 supreme winner 7×4 tables
These two where the first to get the re-covers again in Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth
coopers tournemnet cloth blue line
The two blue embroidered lines with gold writing confirms this is good quality Strachan cloth
Coopers fault tag in cloth roll
Strachan always put a white string tag on the edge of the cloth to show that a fault has been found on inspection , there are not many rolls without at least one or two faults in, and  this roll had two in .
this damage  is normally a white thread or speck that can be seen or a small cut or damaged area from the machine
when I am approaching this tag I will use that part of the cloth as cushion strips therefore minimising waste
I make sure that the bed cloths are free from faults , as should any fitter who has been trained properly .
Coopers 5 tables finished pool
Five of these 10 pool tables have been re-clothed and I have been asked to do another five around May time .
This is to keep the tables in tip top condition as fit for county pool .
next week I will be visiting the sister club in Northampton to re-cover two full size snooker tables .