English and Wales Cricket Board have pool table renovated at Cricket Academy in Loughborough.

Today I visited the English and Wales Cricket Boards Academy and National Cricket performance Centre located in the grounds of Loughborough University .
I was asked around a month ago to do this work so i knew to take a set of brand new cushions from super League with me as the old ones where way past their sell by date .
The cloth chosen was the Strachan Super Pro speed cloth which has a high content of wool mix within the cloth , when you compare this speed cloth with the many man made fibre cloths you can see why this is rated No 1 choice.
Cricket super league before
The table before any work was done
cricket bad worn cloth

The badly worn cloth , you can see where the ball has burnt the cloth , each white mark is a skid burn mark as the ball is suddenly accelerated forward , this occurs mainly on 100% to high content of man made fibre speed cloths .
the Strachan Super pro worsted cloth has around 70% of merino wool content and 30% of man made fibre, this cloth maintains it’s characteristics longer than any other Premium cloths , is durable and LESS PRONE to ball marks such as the above , more resistant to tears holes and bruises , and as a bonus is treated with spill guard to protect against spills and stains , but remember spill guard is just a spray on treatment and quickly wears off , you can buy a can of spill guard and retreat your cloth at anytime on a regular basis .
cricket new super pro cloth logo
The sign of quality cloths the Strachan branding , at GCL Billiards we specialise in using Strachan cloths in all of our cuesports re-covering , whether it be on pool tables with this worsted cloth or full size snooker tables with Strachan tournament cloth , you can be sure we use the best .
We can also supply the Hainsworth cloths but we tend to recommend the Strachan cloth over this , and at the end of the day it is the customer’s choice.
cricket bed glued
Bed cloth going on
cricket new cushions
The old cushions with hard 5/8th rubber and the Brand new cushions , supplied from the manufacturer of the table Super League at Master billiards .
cricket finished from baulkcricket from ball return end finished
The finished table , we supplied two new door locks and replaced one pocket liner .
Again our client was delighted with the result , the new cushions and the new speed cloth made for a very fast table , with the ball bouncing off 8 cushions when hit around the table and almost made the 9th  cushion .