Three more Rental Supreme pool tables to be supplied by GCL Billiards to be installed in one Midlands venue next month.

GCL billiard are again expanding our rental stock by another three tables into one venue . the Midlands based venue is upgrading and have worked out the Tax benefits of Renting tables over buying and also the two recovers a year that is included in the rental price . It is a a win win situation , GCL wins by expanding its rental stock and guarantees extra revenue , and the venue win by not having any major maintenance costs going forward and the tax benefits of rentals over buying . I have been informed that the three Brand new supreme Winner tables will kick start off this club to become a major player in finals and competitions in the area . now normally we would not venture out of our comfort area zone , but this venue is only just outside that area by around 10 mile  , and we are trying to reach a target of X amount of pool tables out there , this provides valuable guaranteed work and income for GCL billiards thats 6 recovers a year . Below various Black Supreme winner tables , some we have out on rental and others are what we maintain for other clients . Double  top Winner stapleford cue new pool area winners stabbo new type metal corner chrome plate winners stabbo tables level brand new winner supremes We prefer to buy the latest Black Pearl Edition of the winner with it’s improved solid die cast chrome corners with raised lettering much more sturdy than the old plastic chrome corner plates add to this the alloy cushion trim which is much better than the old plastic black trim that breaks up . winner badge the latest Green background badge with UK pool tour logo , you can actually date a table from various designs , the Badge is one way and trims are another , also discontinued wood finish is another . We do have other colour finishes of table out there on rental such as White and Woodgrain mahogany and oak . but we would prefer to have all black if possible as they are the one’s that most like to play on , the new Black pearl finish is much better than the old Black ash as it will not reflect light off the cushion surround , a problem with the black Ash especially when they get a little older as Mr sheen or pledge  is used to clean the table the top surround gets more shinier and starts to dazzle the player when taking a shot.