Ascot pool Table re-cover in Nottinghamshire in 6811 Olive Green Strachan all wool cloth

A new client of ours asked us to look at his DPT ascot Pool table in a conservatory .
The cloth had faded pretty bad , this is the case with most pool or snooker tables sited in a conservatory with glass or plastic roofing.
on strip down we found the red rubber ( low quality taiwan) that the UK manufacturer used was just turning hard especially on no 2 and 3 cushions .
So it was decided to have the cushions re-rubbered in best northern rubber as used on full size snooker tables on TV tournaments .
below a photo of the table before we started work
Ascot faded bad cusion rubber
Ascot bad red rubber
First thing we check when re-covering a pool table with taiwan rubber is to check the rubber for bounce , this table was just turning from soft rubber to hard no bounce on some parts of the rubber .
this is caused by the red dye in the rubber being more inclined to be affected by ozone , which decomposes the rubber in two ways , one to send it like sponge and sticky and the other like this , to turn hard from the outside edge inwards .
Ascot cushions stripped bad rubber
Cushions taken off and stripped down , the wood is in excellent condition not having had any re-covers from new , so it was decided to have much better quality UK made black rubber fitted which is long life and not effected by ozone
ascot new northern rubber sept 2013 ascot re-rubber set of cushions NR
Two photo’s showing the high quality northern rubber used , the end buffers where taken off the old cushion rubber and reused onto the new rubber .
with all good northern rubber , it carries a date transfer , and this set was manufactured in September 2013 .
it can be around £45 higher costing to have this make of rubber put onto your cushions rather than the standard black rubber , but you then have peace of mind for around 20 to 30 years of the cushions being good .
ascot glueing new 6811 cloth onascot cleaning rails
cloth being glued on , slate has been cleaned and old spray on glue removed . We also clean the ball rails of all sweat grease and dust , this builds up like a black wax on the ball runs and the result is sticking balls , if every table had this work done on a regular basis or every re-cover then balls would not stick .
Ascot finished tbaleAscot faded bad cusion rubber
Finished table with the original cloth photo next to it , this really shows it was due a re-cover , with the new cushion rubber this table is now better than when it was new , better cloth and better cushion rubber is proof of that .
A peradon black dust cover was also purchased to keep the sun off the table cloth when not in use .
The Owner was delighted with the result !