More Pubs now coming for re-cloths as Covid restrictions are relaxed .

Latest pub to get their table back up and working is the Railway Inn at Sawley
having been pushed to one side since April 2020 to allow more seating and tables in then full lock down meaning closed doors .
now is the time to get the tables refurbished ready for normality and the leagues starting back up .

GCL Billiards supplied this ex tournament table to the Railway Inn around 3 years ago .
I have recently used Hainsworth match cloth as an upgrade , but gave my client an option of the even faster Hainsworth Precision .

Hainsworth precision is the faster smoothest napped cloth on the market .
it may not last as long as other cloths but our client has a re-cloth every 6 months anyway .
The Railway Inn will  now have , probably the fastest napped cloth pool table in the local Long Eaton pool  league .
but it may come a shock to his regulars that now is the time to also put the table up to £1 per play .
many pubs and clubs have only just survived the lock down , and  landlord’s  still having to pay rent during a lock down and also all the perishables having to be thrown away .
out of date crisps and other bar snacks  and drinks , and also note this table or tables in the past that this table replaced   have been on 50p per play now for the past 20 years .
more and more pub’s are now charging £1 per game now .
yes they will moan about it , but I can remember back in the 1970s when it was 10p per game then 20p per game , then 50p .
we have seen materials increase in price , Cloth , balls and cues  , and chalk and tips , also replacement cushions and ball rails and pocket liners .
and labour rates to both table fitters and bar staff .
So now is the time I’m afraid for the latest price increase and £1 seems to be the norm now .
my client is not scrimping either it is not a money making exercise but rather a go with the times increase to SURVIVE , he has had the best cloth available to justify the increase too .
and do not forget he has two re-cloths a year , not one a year .
he also gives free table time nights in the week too . and subsidizes the match nights as free games , and he has a proper billiards iron to keep in pristine playing conditions .

Superb cloth , Hainsworth Precision ,

Anyone local to Long Eaton or Sawley , fancy to try this table out , one of the best kept tables on my rounds .

visit …..THE RAILWAY INN…… in …..SAWLEY….. on Wilne Road .

Tell them Geoff sent you .

Re-cloth full size snooker table in Silver grey Hainsworth smart near Leicester .

Today I have been over to a village just south of Leicester to re-cloth in a coordinating colour of silver Grey
the house has this grey white theme running throughout the house in most rooms .
A big thankyou to James , who supplied me with a sausage and tomato sandwich and plenty of tea and cold drinks
it was a warm day today and James also supplied me with a standing fan to keep me cool .

A sports theme bar room with full size snooker table .

Hainsworth describe this as silver , but it is definitely a grey cloth ,
Hainsworth Smart Cloth - Pool Table Recovering
Colour chart for Hainsworth smart , showing the vast range of colours available to coordinate most rooms décor .

Another angle of the table showing the light flooding in from the window , this gives a better shade to what the cloth colour really is .
although Hainsworth say Silver , I would describe it more slate grey .

our client had hand painted the table in a white matt finish  , prior to our re-cloth .
new nets and leathers complete the renovation .
the next photos are all tables Geoff at GCL billiards has re-clothed in Hainsworth Smart cloth in a variety of colours chosen by our clients .

Hainsworth smart is available in a vast range of colours , this one is Paprika

Hainsworth Smart in Purple

Hainsworth smart in Royal blue

Hainsworth smart in Sage

Hainsworth smart in Powder Blue .

Hainsworth smart in Taupe

not a colour  I would recommend as it gets dirty very quick but here is Hainsworth smart in Gold
or Golden Yellow as I would describe it .

And last but not least Hainsworth smart in Green ,
as you can see you have a wide choice in Hainsworth smart cloth for colours , I would say the most choice  in this grade and make of cloth than any other on the market .
and that is why I recommend it to people wishing to look for a colour that suits their décor and style .
Hainsworth smart is a hard wearing thicker cloth that is long lasting .
The trick is to brush and iron it on a regular basis to keep it’s speed up otherwise it will slow down , as would any napped cloth of any thickness , if you allow it to roughen and scuff up .
So every 10 hours of use , brush and nap block and iron the cloth and you will find it plays very well .

Price increases on almost everything these days ? and why it effects us and the client . and supplying of goods .

Why is it that when a significant thing happens to this country ,everyone put’s their prices up
coming out of the EU put the prices up , Pandemic shut down put the prices up .
Raw material price increase on almost everything has shot up during the past two years and not only one price rise but several !
yet my labour charges had to stay the same to keep a reasonable price range for my clients !
Lets take a look at some price increase’s and what they mean to people buying products and services in the cue sport industry
Fibre board or wood has seen a vast increase over the past two years resulting in things like cues , new snooker tables , and pool tables rocketing up in price .

Take pool tables for instance , for what I was paying for them trade 9 years ago to present day has seen a 30% increase .
A good third , so that means four tables ordered 9 years ago is now the price of three . but is almost  acceptable over a 9 year time span of around 7.5% a year .
but I think 5% is  a reasonable price increase .

cloth has fared a bit better and is reasonable apart from the last two years price increases which has seen a good 15% increase . again 7.5%
and for some special edition only available by third party  cloths an extra 25% / 30% to add too .

Northern Rubber and club rubber has not escaped price increase , but only marginal over 9 years by 30% if you take the time span into consideration again around 7.5% a year .
add the increase in price of Glue and staples too .

plastic ball gully rails and pockets have also not escaped price increases .
also metal lock down clasps and hinges and alloy trim parts too .
With lock down , a lot of factory’s had stopped production and this has caused a mad scramble for available raw materials for the manufacture of pool tables ,
melamine faced Fibre board being the most used part of the table .
we have instances where table manufactures have made the carcase yet are waiting for small parts like legs and feet or even slates to arrive to complete the order ,
add to this the sudden upsurge in people having small pool tables at home during the lock down in converted garages . sheds , new build bars , and outside on patio areas too.
May be an image of billiards and indoor
As you can see this is what people want and they want it NOW …… above photo of a lock down heaven for this client and these are being reproduced all over the UK by people restricted to entertaining themselves and keeping the boredom away .
I made an inquiry the other day for my own home for a small 6ft pool diner table for my Grand daughter who took to playing pool on holiday recently ,
and do not forget I am in the trade so I can pull a few strings and maybe try and get a table quicker for myself .
I wanted to order a 6ft pool diner from the two most desirable ones on the market , one supplier told me yes order today and you can expect it in January 2022 .
that is a full 6 month waiting time , the other says December  5 months away .
both factory’s are running at full speed and are restricted by volume they can produce yet get the hold ups of materials to also consider in their time scale .
AND one supplier could not give me a price of the table because they say the materials could rise again in the next 6 months .

This  now has a knock on effect to second hand tables available , there are very few low cost or reasonable cost second hand ones around ,
I decided to look for a Second hand diner only to find the prices required by the seller nearly as much as a new one at trade price .
take into account this table was in Newcastle and the cost of collecting it and you can work it out it would cost me more for this table than waiting for a new one in January .
add a re-cloth and new balls and it takes way over the cost of a new one .

Right last but not least as an example to price increase .
I am having an extension done on the back of my house a small sun room , conservatory sized but with one brick wall and apex roof and tiled roof like the one in the photo below  .
approx. 5×4 meters . bifold doors and sliding patio doors included .
Gable-End Conservatories Leicester & Hinckley | Progress Windows

I thought a price all in of £20.000 to £25000 would do it , think again add at least another £5000 on , materials in the building trade is even worse hit than the cue sports trade .
well that’s my rant over price increase’s  this past few years .
please do not think it is GCL billiards that set the price on table re-cloths or sales ,  I even have to accept price increases on raw materials as an home owner putting a small extension on my property .
And I have to accept an open final supply price on a pool diner  table  if I order it .

We are all governed by what the raw materials cost and the chain of events of people raising their prices before the final product is presented to the Client .
there is also a huge difference in price to say a pavement drop off of a pool table by one of these internet firms who sell from direct factory stock  ,  and a bespoke pick up from factory deliver and install of table .
at GCL billiards we take our time to make sure your table is fitted correct .
I try to be competitive and to do that as a Bespoke  like for like collect supply and fit scenario ,
but with tables now having a waiting list of around 20 weeks it is getting very difficult to supply them for certain dates  .
and we must now hope that as we come out of full restrictions that things will get better in the supply chain .
Every thing is affected even cloth , some colours you can get off the shelf others you have to wait for next production run .
at the end of the day we can only supply what is available off the shelf .


Hainsworth powder blue smart on this 9ft snooker dining table today .

I have been over to a private house near Ashby del a zouch to re-cloth a large 9ft raise and fall snooker dining table .
Ben was looking for something more bespoke to match the décor of his room and chose the powder blue in Hainsworth smart .
Hainsworth smart comes in a verity of colours , probably the most colour selection of any decent make of cloth on the market .
this  snooker diner is in the rare size of 9ft , not many 9ft snooker diners about , most manufacturers stop at 8ft because of the span , and dipping of slate in the centre .
This table has adjustable anti bow bars on the underside to take most of the dip out .
And surprising to find it was a three section slate bed and not a one piece bed .most raise and fall diners , have one piece slate bed because of the raise and fall device ,
you have to be very careful not to knock or shock the joints out of alignment when gently lowering and raising the dual action brackets .
I refilled the joints with body filler and sanded the whole bed in before fitting the cloth .

the 9ft diner during strip down of the green cloth .

close up of the Hainsworth powder blue cloth , a close enough match to the paneling on the lower wall .

the finished table  , you can just make out the five section wood table top stacked underneath .
this table will only be used as a dining table once a year at Christmas .

the adjustable anti bow bar device built to the underside of the table slate bed .
to adjust up slacken off back nut and tighten outside nut , reverse to let down the bow if too much .
you may also see the raise and fall brass brackets here too , click clack action to raise to play , and to gently lift again to drop to dine off on the lower height
the pin follows the zig zag to lower  , lift again to  the rest pin in cup ,  and again to drop down one side of the bracket through the zig zag to stop it falling too quick .
a simple device which seems to be the most used on all diners .

Seven supreme winners Re-clothed using Hainsworth Match and Elite pro cloth .

We visited a club in Grantham this week to re-cloth 7 supreme winner 7ft tables , six in Hainsworth green match and one in Hainsworth Elite pro green .
in the past our client had gone with the normal competitors standard cloth , grade just above club cloth .
and I suggested a treat for her customers to upgrade to the match cloth made by Hainsworth , a more smoother short nap and therefore faster tables .
the one difference to have one table covered in the speed cloth with no nap of Hainsworth elite pro .

as you can see the tables look pristine ready for the England  v Germany match tonight .
I will be calling back at the end of the year to re-cloth the 9ft American Sam K steels in Hainsworth Elite pro

May be an image of billiards and indoorMay be an image of billiards and indoor

Hainsworth cloth’s now fast becoming the No1 choice from some of my clients

Fast becoming the go to cloth for pool players and some snooker players too
If you are in the market for a re-cloth and are looking for a special colour match then have a look at our Hainsworth range of cloths and colours .
here are a few recent tables re-clothed in Hainsworth cloth , in the grades of Match , Smart and Elite pro .

This client has a Hainsworth Match cloth in Green fitted in his Garden pool room at the bottom of his Garden around every 6 months
Air conditioned too .
Very fine napped match cloth , available in green , also available in Special order in  Blackball Powder Blue or Funky chalk Silver Grey as an higher priced option .

Looks inviting this Hainsworth match in Paprika near Derby , looks orange but more like Burnt rust in the flesh
the lighting on this table makes it appear to look two tone but it is not .

an outdoor table near Leicester , this clients knows what he wants and ordered the Hainsworth Elite Pro speed cloth
no nap and thin and ideal for outdoor tables as it is a 70% wool /30% man made fibre cloth .
less likely to absorb damp air if you use this type of cloth , and keeps the ball moving quicker .
A very fast cloth .

Hainsworth smart in Purple used on the 9ft Billiard table in Norfolk .

and also Purple Hainsworth smart for this pool table in Worksop .
Hainsworth smart has the most colour options to choose from , a Interior designers dream to use the colour chart .
Hainsworth Smart Cloth - Pool Table Recovering

Hainsworth smart in Sage Green , a slight lighter shade difference to the walls in this home near Nottingham
but blended in well .

Special Edition  order Hainsworth match in Powder blue , for my good mate Jules near Newark .
another who has his table re-clothed after every  6 months or so .

A Full size snooker table re-clothed in Hainsworth smart close to  Ashbourne

Hainsworth Elite pro speed in Blue . near Wolverhampton , for a top end player .

Hainsworth Match cloth,  to full size match play Riley aristocrat in Chilwell Nottingham .

Did you  know that Hainsworth now also own the Northern rubber company in Retford Nottinghamshire .
Manufacturers of the finest match play Cushion rubber in fact no 1 choice for L shape rubber .

Hainsworth smart in black with Jack Daniel’s logo in Leicester .
it is very expensive to have logos on cloth .

Hainsworth Elite pro in Red . and colour chart below .
Hainsworth Elite-Pro Worsted American Pool Cloth | Liberty Games

Hainsworth smart in Gold on a pub table in Nottingham .
Not one of my personal colour choices as it gets  dirty very quick .

Some of the most popular colour choices shown above .

Special order packs of Powder blue or Blackball blue if you prefer .

Black Super pro speed at derby county training ground .

Black super pro speed on this nice two toned Sam K Steel 9ft American pool table in Edwalton Nottingham .
The client also had me re-rubber and the result was very pleasing for our client who left me some very good feedback .

a few Feedback left by clients .

Absolutely delighted with the work done by GCL on my Sam K American Pool Table. Recovered, new rubbers and levelled, it’s never played better. A friendly professional service that I would not hesitate to recommend.

Had a recover, new rubbers, netting etc. on our 12 ft Snooker table. Geoff did it within 2 days and it’s like a brand new table. The slates are no longer off balance and the balls now go straight. Geoff was very friendly and certainly knows his craft. Will be coming back to Geoff if it needs any more work doing in the future.

Totally professional man who absolutely keeps his word. Full of free and very valuable advice. Came all the way to the South of France to set up my full sized Riley Aristocrat table which was out of his very busy schedule. He was also very helpful in sourcing my table and dismantling it professionally. Very fair charges as per quotes. Excellent communication. Aways answers phone or calls back quickly. Very highly recommended.

fantastic workmanship of the highest quality. Geoff is reliable, professional and value for money.

Geoff is an expert in his field, who shows very good attention to detail – really pleased with the job he did relocating and setting up my snooker table

So if you are looking to have any work done on your cue sports tables , please contact Geoff Large at GCL Billiards
vast colour range in Hainsworth cloths and come highly recommended not only by Geoff himself but the people who matter , the owners and players of the tables .

GCL Billiards is also a Hainsworth FIT LIST listed fitter .
one of a select few Billiard Fitters that Hainsworth recommend themselves .

The FIT List

RILEY ARISTOCRAT MATCH PLAY SPEC TABLE ( with steel cushions ) NOW SOLD within 24 hours of advert .



within 24 hours of posting this advert the table sold .

These Riley steel cushioned match tables sell very quick and at reasonable prices compared to new price .


original advert



We have a client near Birmingham , who wishes to sell their very nice renovated Riley Aristocrat
Full match spec including very expensive slate pad heaters and all accessories .
The table will work out at about £4000 with fitting to ground floor only  , re-using original bed cloth back on .
HUGE saving on new price for one of these now at around £15000 .
there will be a miles charge of 50p per mile EXTRA , and if a two day job extra for 2nd day and BB if required due to distance ,
it all depends how close you live to Birmingham and Nottingham .
you will be saving around £9000 from buying a new table from Riley’s

as you can see from this photo of the Riley Aristocrat Match table when it was set up , the cushions are Match play  steel cushions

the legs and arches are Silver match colour from those classic lines of the Aristocrat when it was used to TV tournaments .

Table when it was finished for our client , the cloth is in pretty good order , but if you wished to have a new cloth fitted we could price that up too ( as an EXTRA )
an illness to a family member has forced the sale , and this is a very reluctant sale , our client got rid of a Star table for this one , like myself he rates the Riley  Aristocrat as the better table .
A superb table that in this condition and price does not come onto the market often as a package that includes fitting at this price .

I only get these tables come up now and again for sale as Private direct sales  , this was the last one I did .
from North wales to Nottingham and it cost a fair bit more than the silver legged one .

I have put an all in price which is a rough figure it all depends how far away you live and we must stress only Ground floor fitting will be accommodated no stair work .
If you are in the market for a full size riley steel cushioned match play aristocrat then save a huge amount of money and buy this one .
You will not regret it .
Our client has had very expensive heat pads as used by professional fitted to this table , we will take these off for transport , but must stress you must have a fully qualified electrician to fit them to the table we suggest using the same firm that supplies them .
We cannot fit any electrical item as we are not insured , you need to be a part P electrician qualified to fit electrical items like these .

Please no offers on this table , our client is selling at a very competitive price for these much sought after  MATCH SPEC  tables .
an iron is included in the price and  these alone are an expensive item .

if you are interested in purchasing the table at this great offer price , contact Geoff or Carol by email if possible to

please note the table is a Private sale direct from our selling client , we charge a £35 admin fee to arrange to sale to both parties , the buyer and the seller .
this to cover our time and effort in the advert and the passing on of details to and from seller to buyer , and the odd phone call arranging delivery and so forth .

Away until beginning of june on Holiday break , next 14 days unavailable to answer calls and emails .

Sorry for any inconvenience if you are trying to book me at the moment
but I will not be available until June the 1st to take any more work in as bookings .
this is only 14 days that I will not be able to reply to emails or telephone calls .

I am Working on my house improvements until Friday 21st May then off to Brixham in Devon for a week , so not contactable until June 1st .
My daughter and the dogs are staying at home but she will not answer any emails or office  telephone calls until June 1st .
we have booking well into June and only have a few days in June available at the end of that month .
If you wish to book GCL Billiards for July please make contact after June 1st .
Due to Covid we are now finding ourselves very busy fitting and re-clothing tables in the many home bars and garage conversions .
this will cause some disappointment in thinking we can just drop everything and come to do your table , if we are booked out there is nothing I can do about it .
once a booking is taken it is honoured .
we are a small firm and do not have subcontract fitters working for us , I am the only  fitter of GCL billiards and I only have one pair of hands .

But I do know a few other fitters dotted around the country that MAYBE could fit you in if urgent and will pass their details onto you if asked , but please note GCL billiards is worth waiting for .
with 45 years personal time served years behind me , you can be assured you are getting a professional work ethics .
on both Snooker and Pool tables .

Brixham Harbour