We have teamed up with Cosy Garden Rooms . Are you looking for a bespoke built Garden pool / snooker or Bar room ?

I have teamed up with a  Local Nottingham / Derby based  firm that custom manufactures on site Bespoke  Garden rooms
So let Dean Selby of Cosy Garden rooms Quote you for a Garden Room and GCL billiards for your Pool or Snooker cue sports table .
Just let Dean Know that Geoff at GCL billiards sent you to him .
I have today re-clothed Deans own table and once he informed me he had this garden room business , I informed him I often get asked to recommend a Firm that manufactures these rooms

I would not  just recommend something that I thought was not up to scratch but having seen Deans room and his extension room to his main house I was impressed .
Now Deans is an extra long Room with fitted Bar , Pool table large TV screen and WC room .
and I was informed including base this room would come in at around £22000 to £25000 depending on inner fitments and Electrics  and extent of drainage connection required .
I would like to say the finish of the room is very nice with custom made paneling and a fitted Bar .

Just two thirds of the room here

and the rest of the room to the left , plus as an extra he had a hot tub covered and deck area .
the room is heated very economically by a diesel heater .

another one of Cosy Garden Rooms build’s

From medium sized to the same size as Deans own room , and for snooker tables even larger , although you may need planning for a full size snooker table room .

Dean decorated his room in the peaky blinders Edwardian  style of decoration looking for older style furnishings like the repro ball and claw American type pool table which Dean sourced himself .

Plenty of room around this 7ft by 4ft table to use a full size cue all the way around .
the cloth Dean chose , was Hainsworth Elite Pro in Black .

So if you are in the market for a Bespoke made Garden room contact Geoff at GCL Billiards for more information
or go direct to Dean



Just completed this Re-cloth on Hainsworth smart Royal blue , and letter of Recommendation .

This week we had the pleasure of re-clothing a 12ft snooker table in Hainsworth Smart Royal blue cloth near Ashbourne Derbyshire for our client Colin .
I tried to order my normal fit Strachan 6811 Tournament in blue but both my cloth stockists had run out and had none arriving soon to complete this job .
my Client fully understood this and went with my other suggestion of Hainsworth Smart  in royal blue .
I was only just in time ordering this cloth in because Hainsworth also had a rush on this Blue cloth and only had a small supply left in stock and not to be put back on machines for at least another month for production in Royal blue .

My clients table stripped down and fitting the cushion cloth one by one .
He wanted to try a different colour and settled on royal Blue .

nice tight fit around centre pockets .

Bed cloth fitted and marked out .

Table finished and ready for play

Hainsworth smart is available in many different colours , it is a long lasting not too thick not too thin cloth 90/10 wool blend .
and has a very short fine nap enabling this cloth to actually play fast is kept well and brushed and ironed every 10 hours of use .
My client had a few issues with some cushion bolts missing which I replaced , and also nailed in cushion cloth retaining slips , so again replaced these with tighter fitting slips .
the Room has very hot underfloor heating and this transmits upwards and into the slate ,a t first I thought the slates where heated but they are not , it was just heat rising up from the floor and into the slate .

My client was over the moon with the transformation of his table   , that he kindly took the time to write me a letter of recommendation .

Review from Client

Where to begin, from the first point of contact everything with GCL was amazing. The communication and assistance were first rate and great value. Geoff arrived at the agreed time and set to work respecting all the Covid protocols.
Geoff recovered our snooker table, bearing in mind I had made things more challenging not going with a traditional green colour, his professional approach and expertise meant that he completed the work quickly, competently and to a standard The Crucible would be proud off and made sure everything was clean and tidy before leaving.
Post the installation again excellent communication and assistance with other things I had asked for over and above the recovering, I Highly recommend GCL, They do exactly what it says on the tin.
Colin H (Ashbourne)


Pool Table rental for 2021………THE RESTART of the Rental side of GCL Billiards .

Once the covid restrictions are lifted and Pubs and clubs are back to normal business
How about a Brand new Supreme Winner Pool table fully maintained to announce to your clients you are back open for business .
If you have  an old pool table on site and are thinking of refurbishing it …STOP
look at what Rental of tables has to offer fully maintained .

Having had our pool table rental business ripped apart by Covid restrictions and pub opening and restriction times .
many Pub site’s  requesting we take our tables off site to free the space up for more seating and eating tables , as it was becoming impossible for them to carry on offering pool tables for use under the strict covid ruling of mixing leisure sport pastimes in close quarters .
a few clients just pushed the tables to one side and we will recommission these tables , when the Restrictions are lifted and they are allowed to use the pool tables again .

Photo above at supreme tables Factory loading new tables onto our van .
We have sold a lot of our used stock off , but I have invested that money along with an investment added to it to replenish our rental stock with Brand new Supreme winner coin op tables .
All Brand new tables now come with a new colour badge …gone is the old green one and replaced with a new Blue design one .
Supreme Winner | Latest Finish - Rustic Black Pool Table
Our Rental terms are as follows

First year

Sign up for the first year at £90 per month no vat will be added , you will get a re-cloth every 6 months in Hainsworth Match cloth in Green
the cloth that comes on it for the first 6 months is Strachan 6811 , once that is worn out at 6 months every re-cloth will be done in Hainsworth match  .

After the First year .

Then the rolling contract is for 6 months after the first year , once re-clothed you are committed to a 6 month contract until the next re-cloth time .
You will get two sets of standard reds and yellows  balls from new , one for general use one for match use .
4 cues and chalk .
This will be replaced by a set of balls every 12 months and 2 cues and chalk .
any coin op breakdowns is covered by our contract .
Most pool, tables take at least £40 a week some take much more , I have Clients who take over £100 per week on pool tables .
as each Rental client has the keys all that is taken into the cash box is your takings , all we require is our monthly rent .
all our pool tables are Black pearls cabinet , we do not operate any other colour cabinet .
As you may know Each re-cloth in Hainsworth match can be around the £250 price mark so take that yearly  £500 just in re-clothing into account that you do not have to pay for a re-cloth every 6 months it is all included in your rental price .
Your pool, table is maintained well with a 6 monthly re-cloth , and your clients will flock to play on a decent clothed table .
Rental prices will only increase if we have higher overheads , we did not put our prices up for the last 8 years until now , it used to be £80 a month
but I am sure you will agree after 8 years costs of tables and cloth and accessories  have increased .
We still feel this is the best Value Rental contract offered out there by any Rental operator  of pool tables .
we never had one complaint in 8 years in the way we operate our rental business . but plenty of praise .
and with Geoff Large having over 44 years experience in the snooker and pool table maintenance side of the cue sports business as a time served Billiards fitter you are in no better hands .

Now taking bookings for table repairs and logistics for January 4th 2021 onwards .

*** Please note we are on Christmas and new year holidays until January 4th .

We will be open for business from the 4th of January to take bookings

we use traditional methods of attaching bed cloths to billiard and snooker tables always hand pulled for tightness tacked on .
if you would like a quote for any table repairs ,erect or  dismantles ,  re-cloth’s , re-rubber , stretch bed cloth or nets leathers on pool table or snooker tables
from a Time served billiards fitter with over 44 years in the trade experience on all sorts and types of cue sports tables , I have training and fitting experience on most types of tables that are out there in the market place ,  including Bar billiards and American pool .

then contact Geoff Large on our email address …..   c.large@btinternet.com
or phone 0115 9725355 home office  —– or 07753 466064 mobile .

American pool tables we use the staple gun to fit the bed cloth to the cloth slate linings .

We also do  a vast amount of pool table re-clothing , And we also have a local to Nottingham and Derby pool table rental business that runs a long side our fitting
Brand new supreme winners now in stock ready to install on site ( Ground floor only )

Well it has been an eye opener of a year ….cost of new rental tables set to rise slightly by approx. £2.50p per week and why .

2020 the year we where restricted in what we could do work wise .
some work was not possible to do because of the covid restrictions , and other work was OK to do  , but we where never near our normal quota of work that we turn over this year .
the Government Grants helped us self employed small firms survive , and we are extremely grateful for that help .
work picked up a bit towards the end of the year , but we are left with a lot of unused cloth stock ,  regarding cloth ordered in for jobs that where cancelled , plus the replacement of our sold pool tables  that came in off site .
We lost a lot of our Pool Table Rental site income due to Covid , in fact you could say down to Zero takings with many pubs asking for the tables to be taken out .

So we look forward to 2021 the year we hope that covid gets kicked into touch , and in the hope that we can improve and our lost rental business , and is allowed to restart also .
Because we had to sell off a lot of our ex rental pool tables off site , we have replaced some stock ready to go once the restrictions allow licensed premises to operate fully again .

Brand New rental pool tables coming into stock ready for 2021 replacements .
we have had some expense this year  and I am using my own cash reserves to buy in the new tables and make up the deficit of the S/H to new replacements .
this will unfortunately mean we are going to increase our Licensed site rentals by a £10 increase of the last 5 years rate , but we are upgrading the two re-cloths per year to match cloth to offset this
they would have normally be re-clothed in strachan 6811 .
we still think we are the best value Pool table rental firm operating in our area for Brand new tables .
the replacement tables are costing us more and so is the cloth .

My van is now three years old and I would normally be looking to PX for a newer model , and with the No deal scenario .
I have bit the bullet to avoid price increases on a new van , and also any import duty raise in the chance of a No deal scenario , which could have put a few thousand pounds on the cost of a replacement if i did not go for a VAN CHANGE NOW .
All though I could have done without the expense of a new van in these Covid times  it had to be done now .
And have put an order in for a new van to be delivered 2nd week of January 2021 , I have always stated that reliability is must for any firm to operate , by changing our van every three to four years it will give us some reliability in making and keeping those appointments of work and commitments we make  .
Having spent  Seven years working for a firm that ran vans into the ground with many lost days due to breakdown or leaking oil over clients drives  , I made my mind up when I started GCL Billiards not to go down the same route , and refresh the image and reputation of the firm by changing vans every 3 to 4 years .
Fresh new vans are the face of a company , clients see a nice modern newish van arrive with their prized possessions or for maintenance work , and they feel more at ease knowing they have a company that cares about their image and reputation .
This does cost a bit to afford which is why we charge a mileage fee to not so local destinations for a round trip .

And last but not least , we wish all our clients past present and of the future , a very merry Christmas and prosperous and happy new Year .
Lets hope that 2021 is the year we sorted not only Covid out but also the uncertainty of Brexit , which in my opinion was dragged out far too long .
Lets hope that the EU do not hold anything against the British People or it’s Government who wish to start off on a venture of regaining a variety of world wide trade deals that will make us all busy , with  plenty of work and be prosperous .

Great condition Titan 12ft snooker table NOW SOLD AND RELOCATED BY GCL BILLIARDS .


SOLD SOLD SOLD this ex Professional footballers table from Elderly Edge to Coastal Ipswich area holiday Home  .
now relocated to a nice Holiday home near the coast close to  Ipswich … the new owner is very pleased with his purchase and how the relocation of table was carried out  .



Here we have a Private sale direct from the sellers Private home .
A superb condition full size Titan , in what looks like light to medium Mahogany woodwork .

Lighter mahogany , a nice change from all those dark woods that you cannot see the woodgrain .
I am sure they use lower cost woods on Darker stains or at least none attractive woods .but on this table you can see the Mahogany wood Grain
and being a  lighter wood would fit into most homes colour schemes .
Note the reeded legs .
And Modern pocket openings with standard Broadbow leathers .
Cloth looks good enough to refit and play straight away if you wished , or maybe go the whole hog and have it re-clothed .

The price of the tale at £700 does not include dismantle and removal .
GCL billiards will quote for a Ground floor dismantle and load to Ground floor delivery unload and  install , and also a re-cloth if you require .
the table is situated on the ground floor and is in the Greyfriars area just below Stockport and Manchester .
Contact Geoff or carol at GCL billiards for a quote for this work .

the table will come with all accessories that are shown in the photo’s .

A nice 4 handed scoreboard is also included .
Board condition is as new just shows not many games played on the table .

A matching Titan dust cover completes the accessories list
A modern table , in great condition at a fraction of a new table price if bought today  .
Too late to get it installed for Christmas now  , but A January 2021 date could be arranged .
all inquires to Geoff or Carol Large at GCL billiards , we will forward any interested people onto the seller .


For sale ODD size Oak 10ft to 11ft Snooker table . ??? Steel cushions too !!!

Here we have a Unique sized  Billiard table I have worked on a number of times re-clothing over the past years near Lincoln & Sleaford and Newark ( within that triangle ) .
it is one of those tables that you never forget working on , as it used to be a full size table .
And it was cut down in size to fit a room for cue size all the way around ,   by a Billards  firm or Billiards fitter ( unknown ) but maybe by Thurston ?
How do I know it was a cut down table ?
Well there are tell tale signs in the under frame work , leg spacing , and the cushions that give this away .

The table size is over 10ft long and under 11ft  playing area .
It’s outside measurments are 11ft 4 inch  by 6ft 3 inch , obviously the playing area is less than that by about 6 inch all the way a round,
to nose of cushions if you take the depth of capping and overhang of cushion block and rubber into consideration .
I would say approx playing area of 10ft 4 inch by 5ft 3 inch .
and a slate size of approx 10ft 8 inch by 5ft 7 inch
so I could not advertise it as a true 10ft and not as an 11ft …it is what is known in the trade as a B*****D Size .
I have only worked on one other B******D size table and that was in the Vicarage of Dartmouth in Devon where they had an over 8ft yet under 9ft table
So they are out there .
this table is for sale due to a house sale …due to be completed in January

the unusual thing about it , it has steel cushions from a Burroughs and watts table , yet for some reason ( maybe through working on it in the past )
I am not sure if the whole table is Burroughs and watts or if the frame is Orme & Sons , I will forward the leg design onto a Billiards historian who has referance to these tables for his opinion .
but for some reason Orme is sticking in my mind , maybe because orme stamp their name in every piece of wood , and I may have seen it on the under frame work when I worked on it in the past .
it is a table that I have told many about , when people ask me if I have worked on odd sized tables , this and the Dartmouth Vicarage one .

with steel Burroughs and watts cushions fitted to it , the slates having been reduced also means the steel cushions and polished capping friezes have also been reduced in size .
My client at this stage is looking for sensible offers , and would like a quick sale .
So here is your opertunity , if you always wanted a full size yet not got a room large enough for one ,  yet this may  fit ?
it is a unique table not many will have one the same size if any at all .
I think you would be looking at a room 20ft 6 inch by 15ft 5 inch to be comfortable , yet an inch or two  less ,  would not effect it . so 20ft x 15ft  room may be allright .

a price for removal and fitting to a ground floor premises could be given once we have your post code …by GCL billiards
this would be extra to the table price which you have to offer to our PRIVATE Seller .
this sale will not incur any middle men fees for the actual price of the table .
Viewing is recommended .

All info please contact Carol or Geoff Large at GCL billiards email .


*** ADDED NOTE ***

I have now found out through a billiard Historian ( Peter Ainsworth )
that the frame of this table is from an Orme Bath Club model table circa 1909 .
many thanks Peter for this information .
it must have been a special order to have one cut down to fit a room , and then ask for the better Burroughs and watts steel cushions to also be cut down and fit .
A one off conversion , and I suspect that Thurston maybe the firm that did this for the original owner .

Illustration kindley supplied by Peter Ainsworth .
Showing the original Bath Club Orme & sons model of table from a 1909 Catalogue of Orme .

CONTACT FREE DELIVERY and re-cover work ONLY during LOCKDOWN the Rules .

Right having read and taken in the governments guidelines on covid lockdown from 5th of November 2020
We can only install or work on Snooker or pool table if the room is empty of personnel , and some conditions met

outdoor separate rooms are preferred and we will give those sort of job’s priority over working inside someone’s house which in realty is not going to be possible in some cases unless some strict conditions are met .

Working in Garage conversions and outdoor sheds or log cabins is going to be the type of places we can work under the current guidelines .
and many of our job’s do take us to that type of premises .
no contact with householder within the room , and toilets and wash room facilities pointed out for access on arrival .

some clients who are booking a re-rubber and re-cloth of their table , it may be possible to start part of your work by delivering the cushions to me so I can rubber and cloth the cushions and maybe replace the nets and leathers , to save time or maybe a two day overnight stay over which cannot be done during lock down .
no Hotels or B&Bs are allowed guests during lock down so any work which requires this overnight stay over is out of bounds at the moment until the lock down is lifted on these stop over accommodation premises .
I am doing a couple of these this month , where the owners are delivering the cushions to me for working on , then clearing the room for me only to work on the table and refit the cushions to save time and reduce time spent on their property .
we are doing our bit to make it safe to carry on working , be it only in a limited capacity and to keep the economy going .
and at the same time adhering to the rules of Lockdown .

And yes the Restrictions and lock down is effecting my trade , nearly all our pub rental tables are earning nothing  many have been removed and sold as pub’s asked for them to be taken out , ironically to increase more sitting down table space , then what does the Government do shut down the pub’s .
I decided to sell them off , and when these pub’s are ready for another table I will be buying brand new ones to replace the ones we have sold off .
I have to comply with regulations and this effects trade and business , also some of our supplies are not available due to the supplier not being able to get stock in on a regular basis , which means cancelled work due to not being able to get hold of certain spares , or having to wait for them longer to arrive due to demand outstripping supplies .
this photo for example empty shelves at Supreme Pool tables warehouse Heywood near Manchester .

Above empty racking
and below Normally like this during normal supply before Covid19