IF PHONE IS NOT ANSWERED , I could be hands on fitting tables or Driving to and from a job .

Please do not dismiss us as firm that do not answer the phone .
I am a single fitter who not only answers the phone for inquiries but has to fit tables , re-cloth and also load and unload .
most of my regular clients know this and leave a message , but just lately I have a lot of phone calls that have been missed .

I get a lot of missed calls during the day , the main reason is I am hands on fitting tables and for some reason or ANOTHER , cannot answer the phone when fitting .
It maybe I am on a tight timescale to finish because the home owner wishes to go somewhere, or I am driving and on a long run, or applying Contact Glue to rubber or cloth on pool tables and this is a stage that I cannot answer the phone.
Even though I am hands free it is a major distraction from driving, especially on A and B roads. If on a motorway and a few junctions to go then I may answer the phone.
Please leave a message or text , and when I am home in the evening I will contact you , or maybe the next day .
Covid is now having the opposite effect to when it first struck ,

last march we came to a standstill , no work for three months then a trickle of job’s came in mainly from private households
the odd table sale  , but mainly no work coming in at all for the next three to six months , in total around 10 months of slow traffic of work coming in , THEN BOOM !

Then as more lockdowns became the norm , people started to have home bars , garage conversions , even extensions built as the building trade where allowed to carry on as normal
the rest of the Country had to stay at home .
once these rooms where converted or built , then came the rush , tables to be found and relocated , work like re-rubber and re-cloth .
to the point that I am now fully booked out until end of April , no possibility of cancelations or trying to fit anymore work in .
and we are away in May on Holiday in Devon , plus I have some Home alterations to do myself , so we are not available during MAY .
I am passing work on to a few guys I know in the trade who I trust .
But if you wish to wait until June for your tables to be worked on then please leave a message .
it is only going to get busier as the clubs and pubs re open , I have around 12 pool tables to put back in on site or recommission for pool rentals too
which I have to fit in , between jobs .

One of my pool table rental sites in Beeston Nottingham .

Thurston Full size snooker table for sale ….in Worksop Nottingham on ground floor

We have a client who wishes to sell their late husbands old Thurston table circa around 1895 to 1910 .
a few cushion buttons missing , no scoreboard or cues or cue rack , just what you see in the photo’s
at a very low price of just £250 , Buyer arranges dismantle and removal from property .

the lighting shade is included which is under the table and must go with the table .
the rests balls and cue on the table can go also , I think his table had an ornate scoreboard and rotating round cue rack and some old cues ,
but someone ( maybe a dealer who deals in billiards accessories and not tables )  has been and cherry picked these , that is why the table is going for such a low price of £250
I would have liked to have seen it complete but hey these are the circumstances and lets face it if that scoreboard was a life pool one it would have been worth more than the table ,
also the cue rack and cues .
if it was complete with those collectable accessories , then a price of £1000 to £1500 would have been more likely with those pieces .
maybe more if the cues where old collectable hand spiced ones .

the table is in an out building on the ground floor so no stairs to bring down or up for those heavy slates .
I do recommend a professional billiards fitter is employed to dismantle , if you have no experience moving tables a broken slate is not uncommon for a DIY move .
GCL billiards would be happy to quote for this .
see below a photo of a DIY move slate .

this is what could happen if you dropped a slate section as a DIY move .
always get professional people in who have years of experience to dismantle and move and relocate a table
even removal firms refuse this work and say the same get a billiards firm in .

Typical three penny bit shape leg of Thurston , they used this design a lot around 1895 to 1910
so there you have it a Full size table made by the oldest surviving and still trading firms of Thurston , now based in Liverpool .
Thurston are not only the oldest surviving Billiards firm , they where the first to use slate around 1830 ,
John Thurston having worked for Gillows furniture and wood bed billiard table maker and set up as ~Thurston with a couple of partners  around the end of the 1790s .
later Gillows became Waring and Gillow .
Thurston’s became established as a registered stand alone firm in early 1810 probably around 1814 according to some written history as can be seen below if you click on the link .
it maybe that this table was an early 1890s table then had the more modern concealed pocket plate cushions fitted by Thurston around 1902’s 1930s as the billiards top plate became unfashionable .
these pocket plates have an unusual screw on lug on one side and a tapered lug on the other side , and can catch a few people out  when dismantling , you have to take the corner plates off with the end cushion and not a side cushion , then unscrew the pate off the end cushions .
the centre plate is just both ends tapered square .
here is a photo of the same style of leg table with those older billiards top plate cushions on

Doddington hall table Lincolnshire , same style of leg , this table is around 1880’s

you could read all about Thurston from this link .


all inquires about the Thurston table to


WANTED Full size snooker table for client by end of May 2021 . but sooner if possible

We are looking for a nice conditioned modern full size snooker table
for a client in our area of Nottingham & Derby
as close to Nottingham and Derby if possible and a Ground floor located table is possible please
Cloth condition or nets and leathers not important , but good bounce , good slates and good woodwork is what my client is looking for , we can renew the cloth nets and leathers .,
Tables we are looking for are like these .
A Riley

A Karnehm and Hillman

even a Karnehm and Hillman square leg

A Titan

An Enbild again turned or square leg will be considered .

If you have a table for sale please send  photos of the table including legs pockets and top surface and all accessories that are with it  to


with your post code and if the table is on Ground floor

8ft raise and fall Diner for sale £1000 buyer collects . table is based in Surrey

We have a client in Surrey who wishes to sell their Hamilton & Tucker 8ft by 4ft raise and fall diner
it will by the looks of the photos require a re-cloth and maybe new bags and nets to bring it back to its former glory , but the polish looks in good order
buyer will have to get full condition of rebound rubber value and condition of woodwork from the Private seller .

5 section hard wood top , the polish looks very good and has that antique look to it .

Hamilton and Tucker a good table manufacturer and a respectable name in the billiards trade .

Cloth has been used and as described would look better with a  new re-cloth .
I have been informed this is a three section raise and fall slate bed that has been screwed to a raise and fall subframe
unusual for a raise and fall diner as most have a one piece slate bed .
I would take the bed cloth off on strip down to see if that is the case , three section or one piece , it requires a re-cloth anyway .
My client has informed me he had no problems with the joints being disturbed if it is a three section bed  , when raising and falling the top to playing and dining height .
This is an extremely heavy table , my advice is for a full strip down of sectional bed rather than try and lift it in one section , you may nip the joints together if you get any flex in the subframe and it turned out to be a three section slate bed  .
so be aware of this , when you dismantle .
this is Buyer collect only , GCL billiards are extremely busy at the moment and could not fit this one in for the next couple of months .
we are away all of May and booked out through March and April so closer to three months fully booked out .
but I could recommend a couple of Billiard firms who could quote for this move if you buy the table .
The table is a long distance from Nottingham where GCL billiards are based and maybe one of the local firms down south would be a better option to remove the table and deliver,  if you wished for a bespoke service .
Table is on Ground floor , and I would recommend to put it on Ground floor and not upstairs .
the price of the table at £1000 does not include any dismantle and relocation or re-cloth or other work costs .
this you will have to get a  quote for and I would recommend that you do this before buying,  just so you know what the total cost would be .

all accessories that are with this table , shown laid out on the table bed .
Not sure if chairs are with it this you will have to ask the seller , sometimes they are available at extra cost .
or they may be keeping them for a new normal fixed dining table only to replace this one .

you could leave the nets and leathers as they are
but in my opinion if you are going for a re-cloth then replace the bag nets and leathers at same time to give a , as new playing experience .
so there you go full description a nice looking table that would grace any fine home .
I think this table will go pretty quick so if you like what you see do not hang around .
good 8ft diners are not as easy to find as their smaller 7ft and 6ft models , and they are the most sought after .
£1000 is a good price for such a quality manufactured Hamilton & Tucker table .
British made from quality woods and craftsmanship , not your usual import modern type sold on line for mega £ . …… Buy British .

Rare opportunity to buy a 7ft by 3ft 6 inch playing area Serpentine Snooker Diner with dual height flip up beams just £375 . BARGAIN .

WARNING it does need work .
so take this in before committing to buy , see details below


Not a Riley one but a very good copy of one

Serpentine Billiards diners are pretty rare to find , not everyone’s first choice of this old design classic , but this one looks solid and chunky with good sized cushions .
looks like top is stained , but you can touch this up or re-polish it ,
I have taken into account the cost of moving this and a re-cloth so we have priced it really low for a come and get me price .
We do not know the condition of the rubber , but  at this price it is priced as needs doing .   just £375 for quick sale .
the owner inherited the table with the property .

This is a private sale you are buying direct from the private seller not GCL billiards , contact Geoff at GCL billiards if you wish to buy he will forward you onto the seller .
if you need a quote to have it collected contact Geoff or Carol  with your post code at  c.large@btinternet.com

It will require picking up and delivering or you may decide you can do this yourself , but be warned it is heavy .
the slate will not stand up to being dropped or loaded at an angle they often break if not loaded and strapped into a van correctly
It will require a Re-cloth at least looking at the sun faded cloth
it may require a re-rubber . the sun may have damaged the rubber too with heat .
But at the price it is being sold for this has been taken into account .  NO OFFERS this is already a Bargain price .

Bag nets and leathers look good from the photo .

My advice is buy it get it home and then decide what work you require doing , you may decide to just use it for a few months while you decide the amount you wish to spend on it .
but at this price it is a Bargain for a Billiard diner .
the table is based in Nottinghamshire and would be ideal for a local buyer to be found , because the more distance to travel the more expensive it is if you use a billiard firm to collect and deliver
we also recommend only ground floor buyers , this item is too heavy to tackle stairs with .

10ft snooker table for sale , NOW SOLD

NOW SOLD to private buyer .>>>

BUT WE DO HAVE CLIENTS LOOKING FOR 10 ft tables so if you have one for sale get in touch .


original advert

We have a client based in Essex who wishes to sell his 10ft snooker table
a popular size due to people not having the room for a full size by just a foot or so , so the next best thing is a 10ft by 5ft table .
I would like to say they do not come around so often but we have had two advertised and sold within the last month .
I suppose with people in covid lock down wish to have  their own table at home has spurred interest in the market .

10ft …Solid chunky looking frame with 6 legs

cloth looks in reasonable condition , you may wish to have it re-clothed but if it where me I would just go with the cloth that is on it for a year
then in one year have it re-clothed and also re-checked for level again .
It depends what you are after , a table that is pristine playing condition from the minute it is installed , or get your monies worth out for the cloth that is on it .

if you are in the market for a solid chunky looking 10ft by 5ft Snooker table look no further .
you can have this one for offers around £750 .
I do not know what is included with the table I will add a list later on once eth owner has given me this . .
but normally things like triangle balls , scoreboard , rests and cues are included .
maybe a dust sheet and a lighting shade .

Riley Aristocrat full size snooker table for sale ..EX footballers table

Here we have a very nice riley Aristocrat 12ft full sized snooker table for sale with celebrity status past owner .
and a story concerning Steve Davies Gifting the table , which may be hard to prove on that one unless you could speak to Steve Davies about it  , but the footballer past owner is genuine .
This Riley Aristocrat once belonged to an England / Arsenal footballer and now TV pundit  …. Ian Wright .
Table is based in Croydon .

I would say it is in need of a re-cloth to bring it back to it’s former glory , but the woodwork is in exceptional condition from the photo’s
all accessories you see are included in the price .
but buyer has to arrange for dismantle and collection and delivery , GCL Billiards could quote you for this !

The house once belonged to Ian Wright , my selling client informs me and this could be proved .
and that the table was left by Ian when the house was sold as in with the house sale .

Pockets openings look pretty good and not too tight and not like buckets , just correct for the average to good player , I would say 3.1/2 inch  to 3.5/8th at the fall .
Riley Aristocrats are a top end table , the cushions are the normal standard wood cushions .

If you would like to make an offer on the table , I will pass all offers onto my selling client
looking for a quicker sale so you never know what offer he will take for it ,
but I do have an idea of its current value based on what they are selling for in the market today .and have informed my selling client on those values .

once bought if you would like a quote from Geoff at GCL billiards
to relocate the table for you then please get in touch with your full post code and tel number .


all enquires to

Geoff or Carol Large at GCL billiards


Another full size Riley Aristocrat table destined for France .

We have just dismantled and loaded this Riley aristocrat full size table from Collingham in Nottinghamshire to our shipping agent in Lincoln
then palatized everything to three compact parcels .
We sent a BCE Westbury out last month , and used the same shipping agent who sends two very  large removals lorry’s out twice a week to France and Spain
Image may contain: outdoor
that large that they even load a Mercedes sprinter in the rear to do delivery’s from the large lorry once over there , to different locations throughout France .
that really surprised me when they said that’s what they did , but just look how large that juggernaut is in above photo , imagine this fully loaded then a MWB sprinter also in the back of it !

In the shipping agents yard in Lincoln , unloading into a storage container ready  to be put into the delivery vehicle later next  week .
Nice new White Movano van with new livery , only 2nd time we have used it since we bought it in January …..but blame covid restrictions for that .
we hope to use it a lot more this year once the covid rules are relaxed .

Pallet wrapped , and yes there is a full size Riley Aristocrat under that black wrapping , which is also ratchet  strapped to the pallet then double wrapped again
all wood parts are also bubble wrapped  .
cushions plus slide in panels  x 6 , legs x 8 and all frame buttons  , polished end frame x 2 , cross members x 2 , 6 adjustable brackets for muntin’s , 3 muntin’s ,
all long cues and rests , balls triangle bolts nets leathers rails all in a box and sealed , bed cloth and scoreboard also Double wrapped
Lighting shade is just bubble wrapped .
polished long sides of frame is bubble wrapped and black wrapped .

the table that is on that pallet now .
A very nice 1980’s Riley aristocrat in superb condition .
If anyone in France is looking to buy snooker tables , We can collect from ground floor any table in the UK and deliver to the shipping agent in Lincoln for delivery to France , he also does Spain .
We dismantle bubble wrap and palatize the table ready for shipping and deliver to shipping agent .