Away until beginning of june on Holiday break , next 14 days unavailable to answer calls and emails .

Sorry for any inconvenience if you are trying to book me at the moment
but I will not be available until June the 1st to take any more work in as bookings .
this is only 14 days that I will not be able to reply to emails or telephone calls .

I am Working on my house improvements until Friday 21st May then off to Brixham in Devon for a week , so not contactable until June 1st .
My daughter and the dogs are staying at home but she will not answer any emails or office  telephone calls until June 1st .
we have booking well into June and only have a few days in June available at the end of that month .
If you wish to book GCL Billiards for July please make contact after June 1st .
Due to Covid we are now finding ourselves very busy fitting and re-clothing tables in the many home bars and garage conversions .
this will cause some disappointment in thinking we can just drop everything and come to do your table , if we are booked out there is nothing I can do about it .
once a booking is taken it is honoured .
we are a small firm and do not have subcontract fitters working for us , I am the only  fitter of GCL billiards and I only have one pair of hands .

But I do know a few other fitters dotted around the country that MAYBE could fit you in if urgent and will pass their details onto you if asked , but please note GCL billiards is worth waiting for .
with 45 years personal time served years behind me , you can be assured you are getting a professional work ethics .
on both Snooker and Pool tables .

Brixham Harbour


FEEDBACK from work we do and why it is so important to get it and share it .

It is very important that any feedback we get that we publish so that any one looking to have work done by GCL Billiards can see we are an experienced and professional outfit
when it comes to the care and maintenance of our clients cue sports tables .
This year I will have been a billiard tables fitter for over 45 years , I started in 1976 as an apprentice fitter .
Today I got a message from Henri in France about the table we dismantled for him from Barry Stark’s ( well known Snooker Coach )  Brother based near Collingham Newark Nottinghamshire  and transport to our  Lincoln shipping agents , Watson European .
who would then take it to Paris in France for Henri .
I had recommended a fitter from Bournemouth Martin Rabbets for the set up of the table as I now do not travel abroad to work as I have more than enough to keep me going back here in the UK .
I have been there and done it in the past , and enjoyed working in places like France Spain & Portugal and Switzerland .
But as you get older the excitement of working abroad with all that travelling and driving wanes a bit .
The table was a very nice Riley Aristocrat and at a very attractive price for Henri , due to a house move for Barry’s Brother .

Henri today sent me an email thanking me for my approach to dismantling and palatizing the table for him  , unfortunately he could not use Martin because of the delays caused by Covid and traveling .

the table fully dismantled , all parts bubble wrapped apart from slates , and then ratchet strapped and cling filmed to a pallet
the long sides wrapped separate so in this photo is the full size table in parts palatized in two packages nice and neat and fully secured so it arrives as packed .
there was also a lighting shade which had to be wrapped too as an extra .
Photo shows us  at the shipping agents yard in Lincoln , the table is now ready for them to load onto a container or removals lorry .

and this is not our first rodeo when packing tables in this manner , here we have another table wrapped and dropped off at Watson European our shipping agent based in Lincoln .
for France and Spain .

once we have dropped the table off at Lincoln , Watson European will deliver to France and unload .
ready for a fitter to come and set the table up .
Best to arrange a Tele handler fork lift  at the unloading stage to make things run smooth .
and this is what our clients in France normally do , especially if they have to go upstairs .
but also if just to unload with ease to ground floor storage to await a fitter to come along .

one I did years ago near Cognac France , The local farmer just down the road was arranged to lift slates to this opening .
but handy just to lift off and put to one side  when Watsons arrive even if going on ground floor .

here is our important feedback from Henri for our service that I would like to share with you .

Hi Geoff,

I wanted to update you regarding the table which I have managed to get set up.

I did not go with Martin since international travel restrictions made the trip impossible for him, and it seemed it was not going to happen for at least another 3-4months+. I have found someone locally to do it, although this took a while since most of them do not do snooker table fittings.

You did a fantastic job on the packaging and shipping, as nothing was damaged nor was a single screw missing. The slates were intact. The fitter was very impressed by your work and said that he wished that UK table manufacturers would have the same standards as you when shipping.

The fitter managed to reuse the old cloth, and as expected, some of the markings are a bit off according to the official standard measurements, but it is still perfectly fine for me.  There are some slight folds in the cloth due to prolonged wrapped condition, the fitter suggested trying ironing them out or to wait and see if they even out with time. I wanted to have your advice on this if you had a specific technique in mind.

I will be sure to let anyone around me and at the snooker club in Paris know about you and your services if they are interested in following the same route as I did.

Let me know if you need any other info. Thanks again for making this possible, attached is a picture of the table, the light fixtures still need to get set up.

Best regards,



NO HOME OFFICE TELEPHONE CONNECTION …for the next few days faulty connection .

We are having problems with a line connection to our office telephone at home so our land line number is out of action
until an engineer can come out to us on Wednesday the 12th May .
The surprising thing is …our internet connection is unaffected,  it is just the phone line connection from your end it seems we are engaged all the time .
BT say this can happen ?
My mobile is ok though but I can only answer that if not hands  on a job which most of the time I am unloading lifting slates in or fitting cloth on tables .  07753 466064
My email is working ok and that is the best way to contact me at the moment .
But we are fully booked out now until June 21st , I am having some major work done on the house for the next two weeks so I am taking most of that time off
and also I have a weeks Holiday in Devon end of May for a week too .
I do have back up Recommended fitters from other firms though if work is Urgent , these are third party fitters and nothing to do with GCL Billiards though .
they are there for overflow work I cannot fit in , or if you cannot wait for me to do the work .

BT Xenon 1500 Cordless Telephone with Answering Machine - Single Handset | Robert Dyas

GCL BILLIARDS …RECOMENDED , now on Hainsworth fit list of select UK Billiard fitters .

We have been selected as a list of firms that use Hainsworth products ,  to be on Hainsworth Recommended Fitters list called THE FIT LIST
Hainsworth are a premier cue sports cloth manufacturer here in the UK of high end products .
along with our other recommendation organisation of the Nottingham billiards & Snooker Association we are proud to be associated with both parties .
Hainsworth for nation wide recommendation and the NBSA for local league snooker recommendation .

Hainsworth Purple Smart napped cloth .

The FIT List


Congratulations to Mark Selby Again World champion in 2021

Very happy to See Mark has regained his title again , that’s 4 times and he is still young enough to win it a few times more yet .
and regain his No 1 spot to challenge Judd Trump who holds that position at the moment .
I see a few people knock his style of play , but he has success with that style so why change it .
Mark is A Local east Midlands Lad from Leicester , he has done well for himself .

My self and Mark at Stapleford cue club her in Nottinghamshire  a few years ago , on one of his exhibition match evenings .

Riley Aristocrat circa 1980s/90s £500 BARGAIN ! SOLD SOLD SOLD IN 24 HOURS




any more riley Aristocrats like this out there for sale within this price range ?
if so GCL Billiards can advertise and get these models RILEY ARISTOCRATS sold very quickly


PRIVATE SALE DIRECT FROM SITE  (Private house)  this is not GCL Billiards table
it belongs to the Private seller .
GCL billiards are just advertising the table for sale for our selling client .

Here we have a nice to play on Riley Aristocrat , complete with all accessories and lighting .
the only stipulation is , the table is UPSTAIRS  and you will require at least 4 strong men to get these 5 slates down .

as you can see the 5 slates will have to be taken down the stairs at the far end
all accessories you can see are with the table …there is no iron

another photo angle of the accessories that are with the table
Cues , long tackle , rests . table dust cover , triangle , balls , Scoreboard 4 hander , Brush . Table rest hooks .
and some very nice lighting .
A come and get me price of just £500 , buyer responsibility to remove  the table .
or to arrange the removal and pay for the removal of the table .

You will also have to remove the lighting , this will have to be done prior to the table taken down .
I am sure there are a few of you that know what a Riley aristocrat table is and the fact they are one of the best tables to play the modern ball slamming into pocket game .
where older billiard tables spit balls back off the pockets , these tables tend to play very well .
Not that you should slam every ball into a pocket .

if you wish to look at the this  table before buying it is based in Glossop , in between Manchester and Sheffield .
but because of covid 19 please observe any covid regulations when viewing .

all inquiries to Geoff or Carol at


Wanted old traditionally bar billiards table with clockwork mechanism
old run down one preferable as it is a for a complete renovation project .
as long as slate bed is ok no cracks ,  and cabinet and woodwork and legs are ok , then I am interested .

not bothered about cloth or rubber condition
A W. Jelks & Son Bar Billiard Table, coin operated
Something like this is what I require .


Contact Geoff at GCL billiards if you have one for sale like the above tables .

Withheld numbers and calls on Sundays will not be answered .

We are rushed off our feet at the moment
working up to 6 days a week including some Saturdays , BUT NEVER ON A SUNDAY
I am going to cut back down to a normal 5 days a week only and no answering of phones out of work hours , and not on at all on a  Sunday please .
we are now booked out until June .
We get a lot of scam callers and most have withheld their number , now I know some people have a blocker on their number which I understand maybe  due to a security reason ,
but due to the high volume of scam callers
I am now not going to answer Withheld number calls .

if you wish to make a phone call to us please unblock your withheld number so I know it is not a scam .
We get every type of scammer from Web site improvers to electric and Gas and BT scammers .
In fact I get around 12 BT scam callers and emails a week .
To avoid the headache of all this I have to draw the line somewhere and now is the time to do this .
so unfortunately if I cannot see a number on my phone I will not answer .

my opening hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
PLEASE TAKE NOTE I may be working hands on a table , unloading re-clothing re-rubber gluing pool cloth , and may not be able to answer the phone .
the best way top contact me is through my email

Remember the good fitters in our billiards and snooker  industry are always busy
More than often I am hands on working in someone’s house and it would be rude of me to break off and start answering calls , when I should be cracking on and getting the work completed .
it is not surprising to find  a lot of missed calls on my phone when I get back into my van , some I can answer as they have left a contact message or text .
Not many good fitters are about these days , and this means we may not be able to answer all calls in a day  .
I tend to phone back if you have left a text or message , if I have not phoned back it may be because your message ended or your voice is unrecognizable and muffled ,  or did not register on my phone .