FREE TABLE NOW GONE ….The table has now been claimed for FREE !


The table has been reserved and will be dismantled on the 7th of October by GCL billiards and delivered to Melton Mowbray for storage for new owner .

You cannot get better than this , a quality Riley Regis UK manufactured Full Size snooker table with turned legs FREE .

This table has the upgraded slide in panel on the heavier wood cushions , the basic model had a screw on panel on very light weight wood cushions. so this model you get a much better bounce off the ball off those firmer cushions.
I am told the table plays superb , A present for a young son to learn the art of snooker who has now outgrown flown the nest so to speak .
and his parents are left with a full size snooker Table to dispose of .
Now it’ gets better, with the table is the following
a set of balls
a nice 4 handed Scoreboard
Cue Rack with cues
Lighting shade
Long Tackle
there may even be a cover ?
All you will have to organise is for a billiards fitter to dismantle load and unload and erect at your end , this cost will be down to the buyer or receiver of the Snooker table  in this case as it is FREE
Take a look at what you get for FREE !
Swindon riley regis Free



All enquiries to Geoff at

Geoff will forward any genuine enquiries to the owners , and no the iron is not available as a separate sale ,

The Owners know the current state of the second hand snooker table market and just wish to move the table on swiftly without any hassle , they are moving house and the new owners do not require a full size snooker table , they have other use’s for the room .
as you can see the table looks the business , but please do not expect a pristine table , there will be signs of use not only on the cloth but the odd belt buckle rash on the cushions and the odd vacuum knock on the legs , it is a well used much loved item , and deserves to go to someone else who will use it .
To all you people who are thinking of building a snooker room at the bottom of the Garden , a double Garage conversion to games room , a Log cabin , this is the ideal table for you and it’s FREE yes FREE .
Time limit for the collection of this table is 4 to 6 Weeks , from today 2nd September 2014 so we would like to help our clients give this table away by the 10th October if possible.

Look at GCL Billiards for sale section for more Bargains . it is free to advertise a table on GCL billiards web site , but if we link you to a buyer then all we ask is a £25 admin fee for email work and listings work on the PC , if no one buys then no charge .