SOLD subject to deposit ….Riley Steel cushion Aristocrat for sale ALMOST MINT CONDITION .


It may require a re-cloth if you are picky , but cloth is good for a year or so in club use as it is .
my advice is go with whats on it and decide after a year if you wish to have a new cloth fitted .

This one is not to be missed and priced to sell , They are priced at £13000 new , check Riley web site for Aristocrat with steel cushions ,
This one is £3000 as is on site .
No score board or balls or lighting , are with the table but all rests are as seen in photo are .
any dismantle loading travel unloading and set up is extra to the advertised price .
if you require a quote for this work then please contact Geoff at GCL billiards with your post code .
We only do Ground floor installs .

Study the Photos , you will see that the woodwork is of exceptional condition , the cloth is also good ,
also the rubber is very good too , maybe the start of track wear marks in the corner pocket openings on the bed cloth , which will move a bit and will stretch down the fall on a restretch a bit .

The rests you see and hooks are all included , also the triangle , The seller is keeping his own set of match play balls and the scoreboard .
the last time I hade one of these up for sale on the web site with Steel cushions , it sold within a couple of days , also at the same price as this one .
They do not hang around long and if you compare them with a TV Tournement Chinese star table the Aristocrat are a better table .
This one has not been messed with and had the legs sprayed silver or gold , Proof it has good woodgrain legs of higher quality than those sprayed silver .
as the best wood grained ones where kept for pollished wood .

If you are a high class player or even a keen person who requires one of the best made TOURNAMENT tables for modern game play , then this is the table to buy .
It would be my own choice out of all the tbales that have been used on TV tournaments these where the best model .
And the most asked for when people looking for a Tournament steel cushion table phones to ask do I know of any second hand ones available .
It is priced to sell at just £3000 as is on site , I would say after a move relocation set up and a 30 oz Strachan 6811 tournament re-cloth you may get a little bit of change from £5000 maybe a bit more if you wnated a Hiansworth match cloth on it .
Price for any move will require post codes and the more we have to travell and maybe stop over if extra long distance , then the more it will cost .

As you can see almost mint find one better for £3000

8 leg , 10ft x 5ft size , Snooker table in mint condition for sale at £1250

We have a client who is willing to sell their imaculate corner bevel faceted square leg snooker table .
SQUARE LEGS DO NOT COLLECT DUST like turned leg ones do .
And they are more contempory looking to fit most decors .
The polish on the woodwork and the cloth condition can only be described as mint condition
The table is located near Lytham St Anns Blackpool area .
Price includes Scoreboard balls and all rest equipment and a dust cover Buyer to arrnage and pay for dismantle and relocation from a Ground floor Garage that was converted to snooker room .
so an easy pick up .

As the photos show the table is in Mint condition , and will not require an expensive re-cloth or nets , or nets and leathers or even re-rubber , which can be very costly , this table is ready for play it does not require any work to get it to that standard it is allready there , cloth can be re-stretched back on .
price does not include dismantle and relocation and set up …contact Geoff at GCL billiards for a price to do this with your post code , we only do ground floor installs NO STAIRS …but you can use any Billiard firm to do the relocation the sale is not depepndant on useing GCL billiards but we are a top class firm in the art of relocating tables .


Just a little gadget we use to test the rebound value of Cushion rubber by ball distance roll , and also speed of cloth .

Made by the Late Dave Gibson for use in his own billiard hall in Beeston Nottingham to inform him of the state of his tables speed and cushion life .

I purchased it 10 years ago with some other bits and bob’s on the close down of the billiard hall , from his widow Kathy , and she was pleased it was still going to be used .

The ball is placed on the ramp and is clasped into place and held by a spring loaded lever , press to release and the ball rolls down at its own release pace not assisted , it hits the end cushion from its baulk line start line , and you measure the return travel of the ball to access the condition of the rubber .

It is the same with cloth speed , you can see if you think you need your cloth re-stretching , or compare a fast paced match or ultra fine cloth speed on on one table, to say the slowness of thick heavy club cloths .

a usefull tool and I was delighted to own it .

and still put to the use it was intended for , more so with me as a fitter , than with a 10 table billiard hall , it is now used on hundreds of tables , to show clients the state of play on their tables

Ivanhoe social club , Ashby de la Zouch , 5 tables ,And we have renovated one for the Tom Ford Exhibition night , this Saturday 9th September 2023 , a few tickets are still Avialable .

Phone Karen on club phone 01530 412438 to book or reseve your ticket …only two days to go

I have just spent 4 days this week re-furbishing the playing surface and pockets on 5 full size Riley Snooker tables at the Ivanhoe social club at Ashby de la Zouch LE65 2GW .
TOM FORD The Professional Snooker player ranked 24th in the world will be playing on Table 2 this Saturday , playing against local club members , meet and great autograph signing and photo opertunity , exhibition shots , and a prize Hand spliced Britannia Cue raffle
The ivanhoe club has many of these professional players attend for exhibition nights , they have had some great professional exhibition players in the past , and few of the locals are tasty players too .
the tables are always busy in this club .
And they have their own room , sepperate from the main bar area , with sliding bifolds to close it off completley if required .
The 5 full size Imperial model tables circa 1930s / 60s upgraded by Riley Leisure to modern arsitocrat cushion just over 20 years ago .the club have the tables re-clothed every 18 to 24 months depending on use and wear .
I used to do the maintenance on the 5 tables for the firm I worked for before I went self employed in May 2012 .
and I have a very good relationship with the Club , in fact they where the very first Job that I took on as a self employed Billiards fitter .
A few Photos showing the great expense this club goes to , to provide decent playing conditions of the Snooker tables .
All work useing UK made products , re-clothed in strachan 6811 tournament 100% pure new wool cloth 30 oz weight , and Peradon high quality thick leathers and nets used .
The club have a high care of maintance and the tables are visited most days for , Brushing and ironing .
New modern lighting was fitted around 7 years ago , to replace the old fashioned coffin shaped bulb lighting .
***Modern cushions and pockets on better Welsh slate , with modern lighting , this is the best combination .
Welsh slate is far superior than the soft slate they use on modern tables of today , in fact I have seen some shocking Italian / Brazialian and Chinese sourced slate which is realy soft and powdery to the touch .
You cannot get good old hard blue Welsh slate anymore , where many would have replaced the whole table , the fitting of modern cushions and pockets to the high quality welsh slate was the way to go .
I know of no better quality slate than Welsh and Irish slate .
It is a pity Billiard slates are too expensive to produce in Wales anymore .

OAK Full size Burroughs and watts steel cushion Billiard / Snooker table for sale . NOW SOLD !

****SOLD within Five days of advertising .. 2 where after it ,,, sold to first one to complete purchase , Selling client delighted .
and so is the Buyer . Qulaity table , that if made to day would be very expensive to produce in Oak and steel cushions .

A very nice Oak Burroughs and watts billiards table circa around 1920/30s
Oak has a nice 1/4 sawn pattern . which means it was constructed from selected oak plank pieces in the factory and not just any low grain offcutts .

My client is very realistic in his pricing of the table which is located near to Stroud in the west of England .
The table is on the Ground floor , it will in my opinion require a full renovation of the playing surface , cloth and rubber , maybe upgrade the nets and leathers but I think it may lose it’s old ORIGINAL charm to replace billiard bag nets with ball rail nets and rails .

any one interested in this full size Billiard /Snooker table contact Geoff Large at GCL billiards for further information , and I will pass on your details to the selling client , who will then give me permission to let you have his contact details .
Burroughs and watts are regarded as one of the best billiard table manufacturers some say the rolls royce of billiard firms , but I think George Wright and Orme & sons are also on a level of B&Watts , Burroughs & Watts where credited with the first use of Steel braced cushions known as steel vaccum or Steel block cushions , which is still used to the same design on modern match play tables of today on TV .
Steel cushions give you a better ball responce in rebound and speed off the cushions , plus lower noise when the ball hits the cushion , not so much of a thud sound which a normal full wood cushion often sounds like .
There are a few mahogany B&WEatts tables for sale but Oak ones only come up now and again , not saying it is rare to find but not as many as mahogany for sale .
which is a good point for our selling client , as I do not think the table will be up for sale long at this price .
Contact Geoff or Carol Large by email


Closed fror a Weeks Holday back open 29th August

Just to let Every one know that Geoff is away on holiday in Brixham Devon for a week from this Friday 18th August to next Monday 28th August Bank Holiday .
our Daughter is manning the fort at Home with the Dog’s , but is not taking any calls or bookings or Emails .
so it is pointless trying to contact me for the next 10 Days .
Let me have a Good break from Work and not come back to an overloaded message system please .
I only have a few days in September left towards the end of the month , August is fully booked as is first 3 weeks of September .
Now taking booking when I come back from holiday for October .

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