Web design pestering , a little moan about email scammers .

I am about fed up with so called web designers contacting me by email and saying they can improve my web site and my business and my turnover .
I get around 50 a month saying they have this and that experience to redesign my web site .
I am very content with my web site and the business turnover and the fact that I am always busy proves this .
I get good feedback from my web site , and if you study the content it is more advisory than hard sell .
informing future clients how busy we are and how we go about our profession as a Qualified Billiards fitter
also showing the downfalls of cowboy work and how we rectify it .
bagworth undercut three examples
I let my customers feedback guide me , I get good response from work that I have completed or even if it’s a bit of free information or guidance on tables .
We do not buy or sell snooker tables the market has been poor for years and it is a buyer’s market , so no profit to made from selling snooker tables unless you have something special or famous owner owned .
We like to stick to what we are good at and that’s fitting & maintaining snooker and pool tables
Geoff wales frame up on square slate pads
My web site gives good information , there are many stories about tables we have worked on
we do not try and be something we are not .
we do not pay £2000 for a nice designed e-commerce type web site , we go for a more direct personal approach that is easy to understand .
all our second hand snooker tables advertised on our web site  are privately owned and still at owners home address , you can deal direct with the seller unless the seller would like anonymity then we deal with the table sale on your behalf  and you save middle man fees this way , as we said we are not interested in collecting large stocks of snooker tables and paying warehouse storage only to sell one or two a year .
I have seen this done many times with other firms and it is a loss making enterprise to stock so many second hand tables when the demand is so low .
so we leave stock piling snooker tables to other firms that specialize  in buying and selling snooker / billiard tables .
John bennet large tulip billiards table march 2016
a typical table for sale on our web site direct from the seller .
you just decide which table you are interested in we let you contact the seller , then you can arrange for professional dismantle and delivery and set up from GCL billiards
it is a proven system that works for us .
rushcliffe tables and shades on van
a table move for a local council sports center
K&H wedding van outside house rear view
o having explained the situation on our current web site and how it performs there is no need to upgrade or alter it
as the saying goes if it’s not broken don’t fix it .
I know web site designers have to earn a living , but to bombard my emails with such requests is not doing themsleves any favors
I have a good friend who put together my web site and it works very well for me and my Business .
if I need to tweak it , then he would be my first point of call , not some web site design enquirer from half way around the world .
I do not even open them ,  I just put them in spam folder and delete .