Free tables offered then withdrawn the problems this can cause , please do not abuse our hard work in relocating your table.

We had a client who contacted GCL billiards to have a full size snooker table to offer for free in return for getting it downstairs and out of their home ,
we work hard to find a buyer or a person willing to pay to have a table taken downstairs , we are very good at doing this , and our past efforts are plain to see on our web site for sale section .
we arranged for another client in Northampton to have this table and all dates where arranged with the owner and the person who was willing to pay for Qualified people to take this table out without damage to property
we where due to remove this table on the 1st of June from up in North Yorkshire    , and then erect in Northampton on the 3rd of June
I had arranged for the extra men and booked all work out for these dates .
Only for today to be told that the owner , had another cash offer from somewhere else and they are withdrawing the free table offer , even though they where pleading to have it removed from their home and they had arranged all the date’s for the removal .
I have now had to cancel 3 men that I had also arranged for the 1st of June and also the person who was having the table on the 3rd of June
this has caused some embarrassment from GCL billiards who had to call all these people up and inform them that the work is now cancelled .
I do not take this lightly as it reflects badly on our image , so from now on if you have a snooker table that you wish to dispose of that no one will take away because it is upstairs and you undertake GCL billiard to remove it , then please stick to that agreement as it causes a lot of problems with clients and  other workers in re-arranging their days and also to find another table .

We do not buy or sell full size tables ourselves , we prefer to find buyers and help sellers to move tables on, rather than keep a stock of tables , this we find suits us better as we do not have to pay for warehouse storage space .
we offer this service in good faith that people will honour what has been booked out and not let the person down who was willing to pay for the removal of an upstairs table which in this day and age is not easy to get rid of , because of the cost of those 4 men and the distance to deliver it over two days .
I had worked hard in finding a person for this table which had been advertised for one month on our web site , keeping the owner informed of anyone willing to take the upstairs located snooker table away and pay for this service , so that the owner does not have to pay this to get the tbale downstairs .

here is that table in North Yorkshire and the staircase it had to come down

B&Watts liz hibbert-foy full table rippon

B&watts Liz hibbert foy end shot of table cloth
the cloth looks in very reasonable condition and there is also a light canopy
this table is built from mahogany and has the attractive turned and fluted legs with church window knee panels hiding the frame bolts
the cushions have a modern screwed on back panel to hide the cushion bolt holes , originally they would have been buttons to each bolt hole.
the table should have welsh slate fitted to it in 5 sections 2 inch thick and weighing a ton ( 1000kg ) alone , each slate weighing in at 200kg so very heavy to move .
this is not a DIY job to move .
B&Watts Liz hibbert foy stairs turning at top
now comes the only obstacle of taking up of this free table offer  , The Table is located in an upstairs location and has to come down this set of stairs with two turns .
this is a 4 man job , and has to be carried out without damage to owner’s property .
It is therefore our clients wish that any person willing to take the table for free , will take upon Qualified personnel to carry this part of the work out
GCL Billiards are fully Qualified in the removal of Full size snooker tables that are located in an upstairs location , we prefer downstairs locations but we take the rough with the smooth

Sorry to all that where booked in to move this table , but it is out of our hands if they just email me and say sorry we have now sold the tbale and it is not available for free anymore so please cancel the work booked in .

we are still looking for free or very low cost table in the style and condition of the above for our client in Northampton who is willing to pay to have it taken away .
this may suit people who have sold their home and the table has to come out before the new owners move in , if you have anything like this table then please contact GCL billiards .

Geoff Large
NBSA approved billiards fitter
GCL billiards