VERY VERY BUSY here at GCL Billiards & Snooker / Pool , advance bookings coming in at record pace .

It amazes me that only a few years ago the Billiard and snooker  industry looked like it was going pear shaped and work was hard to come by .
in fact I was put on a three day week in my last employers charge around 7 years ago .
And was often reminded by this employer that work was hard to come by and that I would find it very hard to establish a successful business in the billiard snooker and pool table maintenance industry .

I would have agreed with him at that time as we where experiencing a down turn in work , but something inside me kept telling me to carry on and try it  for myself , I was not going to waste nearly 36 years of Time served Billiard fitters Experience .
I started GCL billiards 6 years ago now and with each year the bookings have increased , Pool is very popular and snooker is now fighting back in popularity .

many Qualified Billiard fitters have retired or left he industry in the down fall of work without training new blood up , it is hard to keep young people interested in work when all they want to do is play on their i phones all day   , this makes finding a billiard fitter with free time almost an impossible task .

And at GCL billiards we are currently looking at November the 13th as our next free time to take in work , I have the first week and the last week of November already booked out .
with the rest of September and all of October booked out there is no free time to fit anything in now .
I am sorry for any inconvenience to future clients wishing to use GCL Billiards as their choice to carry out work on their cue sports table .
Some people seem to think I just do not want the work and one lady left me a bad feedback on google because I could not fit her in which I found most unfair , but it is a case of I simply cannot let people down who have booked me to do work to let someone in early or jump the waiting list so to speak .
I do work the occasional weekend Saturday , but I also have commitments on some of these Saturdays .
Please by all means continue to inquire about my availability , but be prepared to have to wait a few weeks to get a free slot , unless I have a cancellation which is very rare .
below a few photo’s of what we actually do .

sometimes we find ways of making lifting slates that much easier .

the other alternative is by hard graft

we get some people asking for other coloured cloth such as this upstairs install .

or printed designs on cloth , this is butlins skegness .

now and again we get asked to open up pocket openings and if possible do it without recovering the cushions .

or to template size such as this opening on a set of Burroughs and watts steel cushions .
carried out at the same time as a re-cover .

We are also a specialist in table removal transport and re-erect ,do not trust this type of work to a man and a van

from fitting new rubber to cushions and shaping curve and undercut

setting table up in the correct position .

Even american pool tables are no bother to our experience of  a vast range of table designs

to exquisite Billiard rooms

to large snooker clubs

and UK pool tables .