St Johns snooker club Bloxwich near Walsall return to re-cover again .

I have just completed a return to St Johns snooker club in Bloxwich in the west midlands .
I first did this clubs tables in August 2015 and they asked me for a better cloth to play on , at the time Strachan had brought out a lightweight 29 oz version of it’s popular Tournament cloth
which they do in three weights , 32 oz thick and slow but lasts longer , 30 oz the normal grade that is a happy medium of faster cloth but yet still retaining good wear qualities , and 29oz , shaved nap a little closer for speed , and OK for use in clubs that get moderate wear such as St Johns .
I do have problems getting hold of this 29 oz cloth , Strachan had problems with the weaving and shaving machine in Stroud where they manufacture the cloth .
Lucky for us most choose the 30 oz for more use .
but at St Johns they where delighted with the speed of the tables using this 29 oz version and asked for it again .
it took me around 8 weeks to source it through Peradon’s but I finally got hold of a few bed cloths .
I use 30 oz on the cushions with this 29 oz as so not to disturb the Cloth retaining thickness and give the cushions some extra wear nap .

St johns first table though the door with cloth off showing the 1 inch thick slates .
these tables are upstairs and all three tables have thin slates , I guess they did not wish to carry full thickness slates upstairs .
when the firm who supplied the table sold them to St johns Church snooker club .

checking level on the tables .

Far table completed and someone is polishing their balls in the back ground !

three tables at St johns the center table does not get much use so this was left this time .
The two outside  tables where the only ones getting a full recover in Strachan tournament 29 oz on bed and 30 oz on cushions .

After one of the clubs committee queried the cloth used as they looked on the Strachan web site and could not find Tournament 29oz , I have visited the Strachan web site and it states they do a 29 oz club cloth but no 29 oz tournament , I can assure the club and the two people who where their the two blue lines running through the side of the cloth and the embroidered Tournament stitched into the cloth , proved they do make tournament in 29 oz .
I do not supply club cloth and never will as there is very little cost to be saved on a full size recover if you use Club cloth maybe around £20 per table .
I value my reputation and my clients trust me to use the best so I order only tournament cloth and never use Club cloth on Snooker tables .
UNLESS a client asks for it , then I have to order it in as I never keep it in stock .
I will be contacting Strachan to see if they have made a mistake in their listing of the 29 oz and they should have stated tournament and not club .
Peradon list it as lightweight tournament and not 29oz .

2nd Table ready for play .