Very Busy work schedule and it’s none stop even though I have come down with a winter Bug .

Due to Illness , I have took Yesterday and Today off to catch up on office work and making sure I am organised for taking in work from February onwards
placing a 2016 year planner on wall and filling January and almost all of February up with work .
But the phone does not stop ringing , I even had a couple knock on the door today to enquire about a pool table purchase.
Please phone before calling if It was not for this illness I would have been out working on tables .
we do not keep Tables for sale at my home address so it is important so you do not waste a journey to phone and not just turn up .
We have had many table move enquiries in the last week over 20 in fact .
I will not be able to accommodate all of them due to work already booked in for February but have explained they could be done in March and April .
sadly most require them moving and transporting within a week and we just cannot let other people who have booked work in down to accommodate them .
This week we have managed to sell from our tables for sale section for a private seller a full size snooker table
Beatrice B&W whole table
This Burroughs and watts table with rigidus frame and steel cushions sold for just £500
it really is a buyers market at the moment with so many tables coming up for sale
People who are desperate to sell have to realise this and let go , this is one reason that GCL billiards prefer to not enter the buying and selling of snooker tables
we prefer to just advertise and hope we get the work of dismantling and transporting of the table then erecting it at the new owners property which we quote for .
I have a an enquiry for a table to go to Israel , I am working with the buyer to locate the right table for him  .
If you have a steel cushioned Burroughs and watts that is attractive in flamed mahogany and large turned legs then get in touch with GCL Billiards .
My buying client may be interested in other tables , but he is looking for one in pristine condition for shipping over to Tel Aviv .
We are very active in our maintenance of snooker and pool tables recently taking on re-rubber and re-covering of full size snooker tables .
bagworth undercut three examples
We also make very vast improvements on bad work that was done in the past on your table .
Collingham FC hire table close up
We also have a stock of tables for pool table contract hire , if you have a pub or club that requires an high end professional pool table for league Pool then try GCL billiards
we prefer to use our two re-covers a year contract , this enables a new cloth to be fitted at the start of each pool season of Winter and summer leagues .
we are very competitive and we are 100% cue sports maintenance fitters , we are not sidelined by Fruit machines and video game machines
If you require a pool table on Contract hire then talk to the Experts in this field and not a coin slot operator who deals in multi coin op machines and maintains table very poorly
We always clean out our machines when re-covering and adjust for level
west end clean side ball tray
a clean ball side tray , balls will not stick or jam if maintained correct
rushcliffe tables and shades on van
If you have a snooker table that requires professional transporting or even bubble wrapping for storage while building work is being carried out
then contact GCL Billiards , we pride ourselves in doing the job right .
together with our Storage solution partner Jonills Removals of Nottingham we can also arrange for your table to be dry stored providing we have enough room
sometimes it gets very busy and the warehouse can get full sometimes . Storage charges by jonills for a full size snooker table is just £12 per week .
but we can store tables on customers own property if they require this .