Wanted Attractive Burroughs and watts steel cushioned full size snooker table in pristine condition for a client in Israel

We are looking for a full size snooker table with attractive figured woodwork
flame mahogany prefered and large turned legs
Cheshire full size b7w fig mahog
My client requires something like this photo above .
but maybe with steel cushion on it . but he will consider heavy wood cushions .
I will have to inspect the table for him before purchase if possible .
My client has informed me he requires a certain size of pocket opening , so it may be the case that I re-rubber and cover the cushions  during strip down .

this Burroughs and watts has steel cushions
mark parry steel block cushions on floor
this is what steel cushions look like once taken off the table
barnsley cloth on and cushions being fitted stevens and sons
steel cushion set on the table ready for capping frieze woodwork to be fasten to them
steel rerubber undercutt rasped smooth
It is important that the rubber is northern rubber not very old and has been cut correct for pocket openings
if not then the table will require a re-rubber
My client is very demanding because it has  along way to go to Tel Aviv , and with no fitters out their it is impossible to put right what is wrong
so best to get the table right this end rather than try and do it over their
Geoff of GCL billiards will be flying over to Tel Aviv to fit this table which will be sent by container shipping or air freight small container .