Two full size tables dismantled and into storage bubble wrapped in Nottingham for local council run sports centre

We have been to West Bridgford Arena to day to work for Rushcliffe Council
the Rushcliffe Arena is closing for two years , they are knocking the old Arena complex  down and rebuilding a New one that will take two years to build
Snooker has been part of the old Arena for many years and Rushcliffe council still wants to put the two tables back in the New build in two years time.
So it was decided to put the two tables into storage at one of the Councils works Yards in a disused office.
Rushcliffe dismantle cushions off
The snooker room at Rushcliffe Arena , with two modern 1980/ 90’s  Metric sized Thurston snooker tables .
Cushions taken off and bubble wrapped and bed cloths now about to come off too .
Rushcliffe down to slate + bubble wrap shade
Now the bed cloths are off we can take the shades down and bubble wrap them too
rushcliffe tables and shades on van
one table on plus a set of cushions off the other table and the two shades , and we are just about to take them the 2 miles down the road to where we are storing them
This van will take 1.6 ton including Driver and passenger so we are still under weight
one of these metric snooker table weighs 1 ton exact.
Rushcliffe one table left shades down
all we left for our second trip later that day was to finish the dismantle and bubble wrap of the other  frame and load with slates onto van
rushcliffe now in storage both tables and shades
Both tables where put in a disused office in the council works Yard , stacked neatly and ratchet Strapped for safety ,
I am returning tomorrow Morning  to put another ratchet strap and two eye hole screws in the wall
To give extra safety in making sure the boards stay in front of the parts  .
and if we have two old dust sheets we will also place these over the entire two tables and tape them up .
The tables will be here for two years storage and will not be put back together until July/August 2017
Rushcliffe Arena have used GCL billiards in the past for re-covering work so we where the local natural choice to Dismantle move and store of these tables in the correct manner.
Geoff at GCL Billiards has been moving and storing tables for 40 years
if you have a table that you require collecting and storing or even set back up , then contact
GCL Billiards for a quote.