Stretch two full size snooker bed cloths in Ashby de-la- zouch in Leicestershire, for a Ken Doherty Evening Exibition of snooker .

I have been over to a Club which has 5 full size snooker tables in Ashby de-la-Zouch  Leicester .
they have Ken Doherty flying in from Ireland today to give an Exhibition of snooker playing 8 local snooker players .
A photo of Ken in his recently opened Snooker Club / Academy in Ireland click on the link for more details.
Ivanoe ken stretched string down
This is the table that has been selected for Ken to play on , I have removed the cushions and bed cloth , and have re-stretched the cloth to take all slack out of it .
the string  line is to center for spot marking out , the table will play faster now it has been re-stretched .
ivanhoe ken finished table 2 start 3
the table has now been put back together and I have started to re-stretch the next table to it
ivanoe finished both tables
2nd re-stretch done and the lads are practicing on the exhibition table to get to know it’s speed .
ivanoe tables covered for ken doerty seats
With the tables either side boarded over and covered and the shades removed for easy viewing , chairs have been placed around the table for seating of the select few who have paid a higher price to be on the front row.
The Ivanhoe club in Ashby is one of those little gems of a club , in that it has 5 full size snooker tables with plenty of space around the tables and high Bench seating to the sides and ends of the tables .
a normal club will have one or two tables then it is a jump up to 10 to 18 tables for large snooker clubs , so this club fits in between that with 5 tables you can almost be sure of a table being free for a casual game of snooker .
You may notice the new lighting over the table with 4 coffin shades over the other four, I have been informed that all the lighting will soon be the new strip lighting with more light and less shadows .
The Ivanhoe club really look after their tables they get regular brushing and Ironing and do not want for anything really as they also get a re-cover every 2 years by GCL Billiards and re-stretched bed cloth at 12 months after the re-cover.
My last job of the day was to check on levels of the table , and I found that the Exhibition table was pulling off from Black spot to middle pocket really bad. a simple jack up and shimming of the legs and the problem was solved , the table is now level and ready for Tonight’s Exhibition with Ken Doherty .
this is not the first time I have had to get a table ready for Ken to Play on , I also maintain a table at Dunston Retirement complex in Northampton , they have Ken on a regular basis to show them the finer points of snooker .
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Ken with the Members of Dunston Village retirement complex .