Telephone line back on now and the sheer amount of work we have to fit in before Christmas .

Telephone line connected again , fault  as suspected , corroding wires in the ground to box .
Well 2021 is fully booked out we cannot take anymore work in for this year .
my run of bookings for work  up to Christmas and new year is full .
without any possibility to squeeze even a small job in .

Coming out of covid has certainly had an impact on work required .
we are certainly overworked the Christmas run in .

I am off to St Anns on sea near Liverpool tomorrow
to correct another firms  faulty level of slate joint  fitting of a Brunswick 9ft pool  table and re-cloth it  .
it is going to be a long day with all the traveling from Nottingham .

I also have work booked in
for the Lincoln wragby area .
Ashby del a Zouch x 4 tables
The Cotswolds
Leicester and North of Kettering area
plus a lot of small jobs to infill
and a Premier Division footballer moving house and I have to relocate one full size from his new house to his old house then in the opposite direction an American pool table
from the old house to the new house , with an overnight stop over .

The Phone keeps ringing and emails are still coming in , and  people are prepared to wait until the new year for GCL billiards to do the work on their cue sports table .
If you are thinking of buying a second hand table and you have found one please send a photo and I will offer free advice
on what needs spending on it and the costs of transporting and re-erect plus things like re-rubber , re-cloth , nets and leathers .
or that advice may even be not to buy it if I think there are better buys out there for you
Remember it is buyers market when you are looking at snooker tables , especially full size ones . so many being given away or for low hundreds , take your time and ask for advice when buying or looking for a table .
get it wrong and you will be thinking , I should have waited for the right one to come along .

I am known for being very approachable in giving free advice  , and with over 46 years of Billiards fitting experience , you will be hard pushed to find another fitter with that experience ,
there are  a hand full of us Old time served fitters still around left , even if I am too busy I know a few of these fitters who I would  gladly pass on their details to you .