Sorry to say but fully booked out until After Christmas , now taking bookings from January 11th onwards .

Due to large influx of work from pubs and clubs reopening , and Private house work .
we are full booked out including most Saturdays before Christmas , I just cannot take anymore work on now until the new Year and after the 11th of January 2022 .
Please stick with GCL Billiards for Quality workmanship and a firm you can trust .
With over 45 years in the cue sports Business as a Time served billiards fitter , you can appreciate we know what we are doing .

from Re-rubber and re-cloth of snooker /Billiard tables .

American 8ft and 9ft Pool tables with three section slate beds . this example in Cadet Blue ,  in Hainsworth Elite pro speed cloth
Re-cloth and re-rubber plus house logistics move of pool tables to full size is also our speciality .

Loaded van of snooker slate , cushions frame work and light shades .
into storage for client , at clients own storage unit .

one full size table complete loaded .

Cloth colours , some grades carry a vast range of cloth colours others maybe only a few  ,
it all depends on what grade you want as to what colour you could choose .

For Example Paprika in Hainsworth smart cloth .

We also replace nets and leathers with Good quality UK sourced materials .
in fact we try and not use far east products , our cloth and rubber is UK manufactured too .

now and again we source antique scoreboards like this special example
at affordable prices when you compare them to the large billiard house prices .

A riley twin bevelled mirror scoreboard in oak .
we currently have two for sale  at affordable as they come price .

we also get a a few rotating cue racks in , but they fly out the door as fast as they come in .

We also get the odd second hand iron plus brush and balls and cues in now and again , not often just now and again .
the same with rests and heads .

last but not least we are now rebuilding our Pool table rental sites back up , if you fancy a brand new supreme winner table in Black pearl cabinet
fully maintained and re-clothed twice a year in Hainsworth  Match cloth , then contact Geoff at GCL Billiards we have three new ones in stock waiting for new sites .

Two tables we installed a couple of years ago as Rental tables .
although this pub is no longer here  , demolished to make way for a Iceland Shop in Stapleford Nottingham .
We stayed in contact with the owner and the landlord of this pub and we installed new tables back in to two separate pubs  in the next town of Beeston Nottingham
and they are still happy clients of ours .
Covid hit us hard on our rental sites with many pubs having the table out for extra seating , or just because they where locked down ,
but they are slowly coming back to us , one pub at a time and having their tables back or rather Brand new ones back as I sold most S/H ones that came in to make way for new stock .
there is a waiting list for new Supreme winner tables of 6 months , we have three in stock ready to go out for Rentals with another 6 on order to come is as replacements in March 2022
Rentals is not our main business but it runs smoothly at the side of our re-cloth and cue sports table maintenance business .
We prefer our rentals to be close to Nottingham and Derby .

Whatever you are looking for in the Cue sports table business Geoff at GCL Billiards come’s highly recommended .