Surprised no body has snapped this beauty up ….. NOW SOLD for just £850 + extra cost for delivery and set up , someone got a Bargain .

NOW SOLD for £850 offer accepted ……. via GCL billiards web site , collection of this table delivery and set up  is due 30th of May by GCL billiards to our buying client .

It took a bit of time but someone has finally took notice of what a Bargain this Quality oak table was , and with the lower all inclusive price of £1500 and readvertisement to bring it back to the top of the listing worked. the owner originally was looking for £2000 just for the table as it stood plus the cost of dismantle and delivery when the first advert was placed around 7 months ago.. the table market can be slow above the £1000 price tag , so advice was given for a quicker sale and we came up with an all inclusive price to help sell the table .

Please read the following and then look on Ebay you will not see a quality Solid Oak Orme table like this at an all inclusive price of around £1500 * , genuine UK made vintage table with welsh slate , and set up by a fitter who take his time to make sure one stage is correct before moving onto the next , we do not speed fit at GCL Billiards . these are no Library photo’s of tables sold in the past , the table in the photo’s is the actual table you are buying .

*** inclusive price depends on where you are located and if the table can be dismantled transported and set up in one day ***

Although I have had enquiries for this table on the web site ,  the stumbling block is the cost of dismantle and transport and setting up , the Price for the table is good one at £1000 .
but costs for dismantle and move is £275 plus 50p per mile van use from home base to home base, and then £325 to unload and set up , this is over two days work for a van and two Fitters.
I am willing to discount the above fitting side to help bring the total price down if we can find a buyer more local to Huddersfield or Nottingham and Derby or anywhere inbetween and we get all the work done in one long day.
and I am sure the owner will  also listen to sensible offers .

Also you may collect the table yourself and just have Geoff of GCL Billiards to assemble and fit the table with your own labour to help lift the slate onto the frame , this would keep the costs lower .
But please make sure you are capable of dismantling a full size table and handling as one mistake with those slates and the table is scrap and that they can hurt if they fall on you .
better to get the professionals in to move a table as saving a couple of hundred pounds is just not worth the risk
oak orme full photo 001
If we can get a deal that see’s the table moved and set up for an all in price of around £1500 / £1600 , then this table would be a Bargain for the buyer , moving price also depends on any stairs being involved which would increase man power unless the buyer provides the extra help to get the heavy slates up or down stairs we do have all the lifting straps and stair slides plus trolley to move the table , we would like a Ground Floor to Ground Floor access with good solid pathways and maybe the odd step .
The owner would like to use the room for other purpose,  so it is not a desperate we are moving house sale . Although he would like to do this sooner rather than later, and that is why we have come up with a plan for an all in price to help with the sale if it can be done all in a day.
It is not every day that a table in this condition comes up for sale , a Full size Orme and sons made around 1920/30s  in solid Oak , this table would suit the modern house with oak furnishings and fittings , or a Barn conversion with oak beams .
oak orme cues rests included 01Oak orme ball in opening 001oak orme leg 01
As you can see the cloth has hardly any use and will not require a re-cover , in fact it was not that long ago that the owner spent a considerable amount to have the table fully restored .
any enquiries please contact Geoff on email or telephone mobile 07753466064 .
van igor loaded inside cargoRear view of van Igor